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Hi, guys! The questions are: how to behave with all people equally, or is it? I’m a pretty sociable dude, but lately, from friendly banter to their old roots begin to slide into position obizhenku, my argument is not so strong, and actually, it turns out only sad to laugh at yourself. There is a way?

The answer

Congratulations, dear friend! The answer to your question is very simple: to treat all people equally, to behave with all people equally. I I beg pardon, but how else to answer that? Choose a pattern of behavior that is convenient to you and will not take away from you your loved ones (because with family it is necessary to behave warm), and actions. Just do not need. Utter nonsense. Even among friends across different comrades. Sometimes it seems to be a nice guy – always give the sandwich where the sausage more, and the world’s largest secret you him kindness told me that already knows the whole district. And the guy conventional Engelke already going to beat your face, because it is not with the person you shared emotions of passionate night of love with the beautiful Mademoiselle Angelique.

Given your vulnerability, you need to assess and adapt to people, otherwise will not stand. This does not mean that you need less to communicate with people, but you need to choose the topic of conversation, and what not to say, how to joke, what to retain and things like that, because often people like sex organ on a platter – the same ugly.

As for your comrades, there is an important degree of bullying as dirty jokes. If the banter is really easy and infrequent, it is possible that it is not without reason. Can you give an example from your personal life. We had one fellow who proudly, almost to the first gray hairs which sprinkled his head at age 22, wore a disgusting fuzz on the cheeks and under the nose grew on my face and pimples constantly posed as him in a terrible grimace. This habit. We told him that the person he srate, and did not hesitate to remind him of that. I must say that moustache was shaved, pimples removed, and the faces lost, and even the girl found himself. All because of friendly banter turned srate face angelic face. Example of the grotesque, but its essence is simple: listen to the banter, because sometimes this is friendly advice in a humorous shell. Maybe there really are things that need to get rid of.

If the only problem is that your humorous counterattacks weak, to put it simply, the problem is trivial offense and envy, then silently laugh at myself. In order to learn this complex craft, you need to learn to look at ourselves, with a smile to greet their mistakes. Just sorting out some joke in his head, difficult, long, but effective. In General, you just need to get used to the idea that you’re not the biggest asshole in the world and actually doing the actions that deserve if not Homeric laughter, then certainly smiles. If you stebut, so always have something.

But if I’m in the black, then just tell him to slow down. Normal friends will laugh and calm down. And if the bullying continues, then you can give them in the snout and end communication. Once we started running which was pissed at us and we apologized for went any further insults. We’re not Lions Thick (classic loved brutally objenossine), counts non – value their friendship.

The hardest to learn to throw back. Try watching stand-up comedians, the Comedy mainstays of modern humor. Pay attention to how jokes are constructed, and take into service a few particularly lively, but not hackneyed. Someone tells that it is enough to sit down and start making jokes based on known techniques, but this is all nonsense. If a sense of humor, and writing will look pathetic. Listen to someone from stand-up comedians of our time, such as Fima Schifrin (man of 60 years, hundred of chest presses), and on the basis of any joke his action.

But in General, just look at life a little bit easier and irony. Then the humor once he starts to evolve, the brain works differently, and severity are born by themselves.

In short, good luck to solve the issue and, God willing, painlessly. Most importantly, stop being a obizhenku, because, as said Victor Pavlovich Govorov, it is a Revolution-an Antibiotic of «Gangster Petersburg»:

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