What I do in this life?


I have a certain difficulty… I can’t find something, which I would «insert». I’m just a pretty fast train and as soon as they attain good results in any case, immediately lose their heat. So how do you find the same «well, it’s mine!»?

I have it in another way: I am losing heat even before achieving good results. Dude, it’s fine if you’re young. And we need to divide your question into two streams. One for your hobby, the other of your source of income. If we are talking about a hobby, then my advice to you — forget it. Today I like to watch cockfighting, abdulmumini rancid mayonnaise? Wonderful! Tomorrow you will want to take a ride on the side of the giraffe tatuirovki with a prostitute of Somalia? So if only funds allowed. Hobby is the sort of thing that needs to entertain and bring interest if a hobby becomes a burden, it should bring in the income. Or at least pay for itself. If you’re talking about work, here everything is different. Sometimes men in order to feed themselves and their environment (in case if you have to feed him), you need to do things that they don’t always like. It means «to bend under the circumstances», many have to do it. To find the work that you will love, and make it a hobby and source of income could not much. Also it may happen that you simply high requirements to the place of work. I once saw a doctor-mammologist, who was dissatisfied with their work. Dude came into work, touching other people’s Boobs all day long as you want, and then he will pay for that. Even the President is not shining.

Okay, let’s get to it. Figure out what you’d like to become in 15-20 years. Ready? For example, you wanted to be homeless. Then start to thump, and it will be yours. You want to be a DJ? Sit and start to mix. To be rich? Start looking for the job where possible large income, or create something of my own. Then the work, whatever it was, it will bring you to your ideal lifestyle, and then you do not want to change. Universal advice on how to find yourself or your favorite thing, does not exist. But, considering the situation on the back and presenting the final goal: how do you see yourself after a while, you will better understand how to come to this goal.

And here’s another reference — How to find your calling and what is this beast?

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