What hides fast food?

Pizza loves us. Fast food cares for us. Apparently, so we make it a cult, and in honor of he that creates the products that are available only to the elite. I mean the secret menu, which many have heard, but not seen everything. The idea is that for the sake of food, which is not in the main menu, people will move everything and drop everything to eat the mysterious fruit. Like really? Yes, sort of not. Many fast food chains already invented such gastronomic mutation. Unfortunately, many of these networks exist in Russia. So we took the most popular.

The game started the chain Arby, who has decided to prepare a huge sandwich called «Meat mountain» is filled with six types of meat, chicken and two kinds of cheese. This exclusive sandwich wasn’t a limited offer». In fact, it was not offered, and order could only dedicated customers. Unfortunately or fortunately, in Russia Arby no. But there are other «secret dishes».



«Too hipster to go», according to sociopaths, and «too expensive, so I used to buy coffee,» according to normal people, Starbucks has created a secret drink, which is available only hipsters 88 level.

For example, a Zebra Mocha (half white chocolate and chocolate mocha). The idea is good. The main thing is to read English. Mocha, not mocha.

Next on the list is a drink that is more suitable for Halloween – chocolate latte with pumpkin (pumpkin, spice, latte with chocolate syrup). The idea is that there must be at least unusual.

But that’s not all. Nutella. I didn’t know how to drink «Nutella»? Right now explain. Café City is mixed with chocolate, hazelnut syrup and caramel sauce, and then all is consumed. In General, anything space.

Well, the highlight of the program – Cake Batter Frappuccino (vanilla frappuccino with almond flavoring and some other tasty crap).

Burger king


You know, what’s the best way to commit suicide? Go and order the secret menu at Burger King. It’s delicious, it’s great, but it’s deadly. The true King of the Burgers were buried for a reason, after all, a king – identity is important. But first think well, if you can eat a Burger with four pieces of beef, a pie with four slices of cheese on top, bacon and a special sauce, and even if it’s called «Suicide Burger». No? Then there’s the Rodeo Burger – a whopper with onions and BBQ sauce on top, ham, cheese, half fries and onion rings (that you did not choose). Although Rodeo, you probably heard. If there is to be surprised and do not want, then take the «Mustard whopper» ( replace mayonnaise with mustard) or «Whopper with cheese» (instead of meatballs – ham).

By the way, another plus «suicidal» Burger that you can eat it for a week. As well as food from fast food stored for years, it can safely absorb. Although it is worth noting that there are burgers at times more than that. However, they are prepared in these pubs.



Even with such a range of «McDonald’s» manages to come up with something for the most scrupulous clients. Here is the McKinley Mac, for example. In fact, it is a regular Big Mac that put eight cutlets with big Tasty. As it is unclear. Apparently, according to the method of the Joker: cut plowshare. Although what is really there, raspotroshit and eat, it’s tasty.

If after a heroic victory over McKinley you’ll have room for dessert, try the Mcflurry with Patty, «Monsterman» («big Mac» with 8 cutlets), «Cola float» (Cola with ice cream for the most evil of perverts), a grilled cheese sandwich (aka «the Cheeseburger without the Patty), «Run Macchicken (Macchicken» chicken patties instead of buns) the Burger, named in honor of famous group – «Fire, water and earth», which is actually a Burger with beef, chicken and «Filet-o-fish», and boring on the background of all the above «Mcgangbang» ( cutlet «Macchicken» in the double cheeseburger).

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