What happens when you leave your phone at home

Pora was.kom.ua_17.06.2016_VAEfMop453K9RSmartphone – the scourge of the modern generation. We understand that without him today not do. If you’re not, then you’ll be one step behind because these gadgets are a big help in life, in a practical sense. They remind us of important meetings on the birthday of a friend, that in a few hours rain, modern phones can help you with finding the right addresses, with online shopping, with work, in the end, and even establishing romantic relationships. But, even so, they will not help you live happily ever after. They seem to be a need akin to a drug addiction. If you can live without your profile in Instagram or other social networks? Doubt, so will think of something simpler. If you can get out of the house, leaving his smartphone on the nightstand? What’s gonna happen if you go for a walk without this important, what do you think of the device?

You’ll get a break from people

Seriously, because we have observed others like some kind of perverts. Observe the social networking friends, enemies, those who envy, and, of course, for those who want to drag you into bed. And don’t tell me you don’t do it, do it.

When you leave your phone at home, you get the opportunity to relax from all these people and the mess they create in your head. Not going to switch to the problems of others, the lives of strangers and will finally be able to do your thoughts. I am sure that cleaning the brain with the help of walking without a phone you will benefit.

You talk to new people

Paradoxically, if you leave the phone at home, they become more prone to real communication. Even you seem more open, and this openness attracts others.

Remember how you go to work by metro. The damn thing did not notice, and his eyes focused on the smartphone display. And if not this display? I happen to be the people with whom you can have a conversation, discuss the latest news, share your thoughts – before and lived, and it was awesome. And if you’re always on the phone, cut off from their society a huge reservoir of interesting acquaintances.

You finally pay attention to what is happening around

manygoodtips.com_17.06.2016_LVk2PZBTvSaY9You have a wonderful time – a time that will show you the real situation. You can, Hallelujah, to learn about what happened in new your city that were building, where they built a new road, where he opened a new Burger King. When you go out on the street without the phone, I notice so much detail, so much unique content, which previously seemed to not exist. See the example of the guy who sells Shawarma direct in your stop – he’s been working there for three years, but you only noticed it now, because before you only noticed the screen of his phone.

If you do not pay attention to the city in which you live, the city is sure you. It will start to look bad, and gray, lifeless creature. In fact, you yourself decided to step back from him, including using the phone.

Will pay more attention to the body

If you want to live strictly according to the Tao and be in harmony with the environment, then you should be in the first place, in harmony with your own body. Your brain gets a rare opportunity to focus on the muscles, bones. You can test your body endurance using a sports field, a gym or the Park. Run, pull, arrange its physical shell of the stick.

When you get your phone back, there may be dozens of missed messages, a few missed calls and hundreds of missed news. So what? Unless you’d had a bad day, isn’t it worth it? Perhaps we exaggerate the need for a phone? Try tomorrow to spend the day in a similar way, but we’ll see what happens.

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