What happens if you quit Smoking right now

manygoodtips.com_28.02.2014_1EuBhd9JHTvFEWhy do people continue to smoke and are slow to quit? One of the main reasons for a purely psychological: smokers feel like all the hazards of Smoking and the benefits from the decision not to smoke are somewhere in the vast distance. Cancer seems to them a phantom threat that will never fall on their head, and when it comes to overall health improvement, they also do not hurry to rejoice, because they do not feel sick. Today manygoodtips.com will tell you what will happen to your body immediately after you quit Smoking. Right now, you know?

After 20 minutes, blood pressure will return to normal.

After 8 hours the level of carbon monoxide (CO) in your blood will drop by half and oxygen levels will return to normal.

48 hours will decrease the chances of heart attack. The whole nicotine will leave your body. Your senses of taste and smell will return to normal.

In 72 hours your bronchial tubes will relax and you’ll feel more energetic.

After a week you finally stop strike tobacco: the smell is surprisingly tenacious.

After 2 weeks, improve your circulation and will continue to improve in the next 10 weeks.

Using 3-9 months coughing, hoarseness and breathing difficulties will be forgotten, because the capacity of your lungs will increase by 10%.

After six months of your lungs will tar and other products of tobacco Smoking. The pulse becomes less frequent, and sports performance better.

In a year your heart attack risk will decrease by half.

After 5 years your risk to experience a stroke will return to a level of not Smoking.

After 10 years your risk of lung cancer drops to the level of not Smoking.

After 15 years your risk of heart attack will fall to the level of not Smoking.

Many say that after a person quits Smoking, he automatically gains weight. It is only a matter of self-control. If you notice that the food gets to you a new way to occupy your hands and mouth need to stop it. Excess weight after quitting Smoking gain about 60% of men, but the belly will still be low: on average, people gain one to five pounds. Didn’t we teach you how to get rid of them?

Interested? Changes in your body will begin to occur after just 20 minutes! Isn’t it a reason to quit Smoking right now?

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