What happens if too much rock?

What happens if too much rock?

in very good shape

You can Wake up at six-thirty, do yourself a protein shake, drink your supplements that should be consumed strictly before training and then a five-kilometer run to the gym, where you hit yourself Delta cool his chest and even doing exercises for legs. Then you drink another protein shake, run home, eat coregrid and broccoli. It seems that the progress is obvious, but how do you know?

If you find the following ten signs, you can assume that you, my friend, is too watch over her physical form. In vain, it is too late. What do the people who are proud of their body?

1. They wear less clothes

I would even say that there is a relationship: the better your body is, the less wear you put on yourself. Workout make the body more beautiful, and a beautiful body makes you more confident. As a result of too enthusiastic with the rolling pin dudes hanging out in the alkashki, and women wear tight ass shorts, and the coolest generally come to the gym with only the Johnson’s Baby oil and a dazzling smile.

2. They are better in bed

I propose to do the following: find in gym sexy chick play in front of her biceps with a quarter of an hour and spend the night in her muscular arms. If they die, it will be the best night of your life. Pumped dudes can have sex longer and stronger and in acrobatic poses is in all respects superior to their lazy counterparts. Nothing makes friends more than the opportunity to cuddle up to inflated press relief naked body.

3. They are attracted by the reflecting surface

Like butterflies beckon, glowing bulbs and pumping bro can’t pass a reflective surface without looking at her. This habit is possibly produced in the gym where they do exercises in front of a mirrored wall, though it wont quickly moves to the whole world outside the gym. You probably saw a very beefy types, looking at himself in the reflection of cars and shop Windows.

4. They weren’t always like this

Usually dudes get in superform if scoffed at them. So next time you’re in the gym, look at that bodybuilder, which is difficult to distinguish from the mountains, and think. There’s a chance that he had weighed twenty pounds more than was afraid once again to show his nose out of the house.

5. They are better able to cope with dangerous situations

If you look at the world from the perspective of a gorilla, the world is a terrible place, full of bloodthirsty animals and memes from Miley Cyrus. Fortunately, no one is prepared to danger is better than too pumped up guys. If you have a friend, not afraid even to be in a sinking car. He will pull. Asked to pay an entrance fee somewhere in there? It will be free. Someone attacked you with a knife? It will strain the press, and the bounce off it like the armor. I guess these guys altogether immortal.

6. They always don’t like the way they look

Yes, I know this contradicts the third paragraph. People who already swung in the extreme, often like looking at it because it’s important to know what we have to work more. They look in the mirror, seeing the horrific Frankenstein, made of absolutely not suited to each other parts of the body. While you look at them muscular body with admiration, every night they spend hours looking at his reflection in the mirror and worrying that something flawed. Just like forever to lose weight the sun only in his own way.

7. For them, the food is a whole world

I think they painted all the meals and does not pull any crap like hamburgers? What! Usually people with a perfect body more likely to suffer from your desire to eat something forbidden: they’re attracted to the smell, look and texture. Serious diet can bring many psychological problems that you simply cannot solve.

8. They spend a lot of money

To be in shape, do not have to spend a lot of money, but very often what happens. Of course, you can just do at home and near the stadium, follow a diet to buy shoes is easier, but sooner or later you’ll need responsible hardware and clothing. Even if you work out with YouTube videos, it is not without risk: despite the recent pedophile hysteria to appear on the playgrounds with a minimum of clothes now dangerous.

9. They sacrifice

Unfortunately, the path to a perfect body is paved with lost friends and missed opportunities. To be in shape — so to sleep when your friends are having fun; to wind round the stadium when they Wake up and feel just a Royal hangover. Of course, sometimes you can go out into the world to publicly display their covered specially bought for the occasion a t-shirt muscles, but to look at you askance.

10. They are attracted to girls in the form

All of the above nine points make it pretty clear. The better your body the more you sweat over it, the specific you become, and your interests, and that means you are fun to be only one who shares these interests. Protein shakes, perpetual trips to the gym, a diet of tuna and multivitamins is a great way to bond with a girl — Jock. And you-just what each other need.

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