What guys blame each other

manygoodtips.com_19.03.2014_uplKe3xVLDAzSTo condemn a wasted effort. Still nobody going to change you for the joy is on one side. On the other hand, life teaches everyone that people sometimes combine incongruous and unpredictable quality: brutal heterosexual love milkshakes with whipped cream and a cherry at the top, and gays are engaged in Boxing — anything can happen. And despite this I constantly catch myself judging other dudes for different things — I’m sure you are too. What, for example?

Long hair

Unless you’re a famous musician, from the outside it looks like you still want them to be hard to ignore the fact that it you never will. If your hair started to thin out, and the men turn thirty, it worsens the situation. I want to take and cut that shit with scissors (Yes, I also had informal youth, so what?).

Why it’s stupid

I recall the the year 2008 when I had hair. Not to say that it was a braid to her waist, but hung about to her shoulders. Maybe now I don’t like volacci, because I cut his wealth, komives under social pressure? But once the hairiness seemed to me interesting. So don’t podstrigat, man, don’t let the world and social conventions completely dominate you.

Dilute whiskey

With age, it dawned on me why the water in the whiskey is good, but, sorry, you threw yourself in a glass of whiskey coke. Put something that is not ice?! You was dropped as a child? You’re ruining the perfection you’re going to taste shit, you’re nothing, and generally go back to drinking moonshine.

Why it’s stupid

And how does this affect my life? It’s your stupid drink, you will drink it yourself, do it the way you like it. Vodka energy rasmalai — should I care? This is not mine, but if you’re enjoying yourself, go ahead.

Coffee with cream

I drink only black coffee. No sugar. I don’t understand why people spoil the taste of the drink, if not do yourself a Irish coffee. Coffee with cream for me — it’s like sweet milk porridge with fruit: I do not understand how is it climbing in your mouth. Porridge with only salt or soy sauce, coffee, black only — I understand that. A man with lattes covered with whipped cream and drizzled chocolate sauce — it’s a mockery of the very nature of man.

Why it’s stupid

Here I am in the minority. The men drink coffee with milk, sugar, whipped cream, topping, ice and any garbage. This idiotic stereotype that men must be bitter and astringent, because a man harsh. What I really like is strictly what is now done.

To write the girls a text instead of calling

I didn’t realize it until I went to meet up with his girlfriend. All these text battles seemed a sort of game of cat and mouse: to write, to wait for a response, and then again tricky to build SMS not end with the issue from time to time, to avoid errors — a senseless way to spend the time and effort. But… that all changed. I realized how much was wrong.

Why it’s stupid

First, you can’t ignore progress. You can deny the phone and give preference to only communicate with eye to eye — and you’ll be even more hardcore. But SMS is kind of a unique romance, small letters that can be sent at any time, even if you’re sitting in that meeting and allegedly working.

Too to take care of their appearance and wardrobe

When people think your stock of clothing is worthy of excitement and hours of shopping, this seems to be a catch. Women such behavior excusable, and even then not always: is a piece of cloth can be so important to spend looking for him all day? In General, however, women’s motivation is clear: cultural traditions led women’s attention to their appearance, there’s nothing you can do about it. But guys? Why the hell are men so worried about clothes? Its purpose is to protect you from the cold, moisture and sunburn. Okay, don’t be hypocrites, yet it marks our belonging to a social group — but no more.

Why it’s stupid

The values are different — I don’t know whether this is good or not. Someone important to find a cure for AIDS, someone to write a good text, and these dudes — impeccably dressed. Without it, they feel bad. Everyone would probably agree that it is bad to feel bad, we must do everything in our power to feel good. Here guys do.

When they say «I don’t read books» and proud of it

We manygoodtips.com love to read — for us, this phrase absolutely devoid of meaning, like the meaning of existence of the person who uttered it. No one says you have to know by heart «War and peace», but do all serious literature so heavy?

Why it’s stupid

I was trying to figure out why it’s stupid, but it never came up. In General, nothing can be done. You need to read. And to the point.

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