What future do you want to live?

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_D33Xox0yUUnM0Despite the fact that a new scientific revolution is coming, it has already begun, we still stand at a crossroads. People who follow the progress and hope for a brighter future, often don’t notice the other characteristic of our age. The world today – a real foundry the diversity of approaches to life. Today you can meet a primitive tribe and at the same time to see a futuristic metropolis, the water of which is used countless times through purification technologies. One country tries to change to solar energy, the other increases the consumption of minerals. In one state the percentage of atheists is a majority when the other atheists just thrown in jail. The crazy world of contrast, and he has, in the opinion of our office, there are several options for the future.

1. A single state

The most popular scenario of the distant future, a single power, a single planet. How she will be the only one? Really full of options: from coming to power in one of the leading powers of the more successful Hitler to voluntary consolidation. Latest, from our point of view, more acceptable, albeit more boring. The mass of the people, environmentalists in particular, believes that mankind is facing a number of challenges it can be overcome only in case, if United. Now the world lives in competition: each state tries to grab its own piece of the pie, because the table is much more than these pieces. Not enough, and, judging by the state of some global players, we have seen already. It only gets worse.

To solve this problem, we need a strong government that would be guided by some uncompromising ideology. This is difficult, because now we are seeing our officials only personal motives, and no idea. But we’re about the future, but still remote. Based on what the political power of the entire planet, it does not matter. As long as it was well established.

But there is a suspicion that democracy will not be the force that will be able to create an alloy of peoples, religions, humanity. Most likely, it is ultimately a new form of government that, it is possible to suppress the personal ambitions of the individual person and to cultivate the qualities essential for the planet here and now.

2. Decentralization of the world and society

But there is a downside, as we all know. Let’s look at what the people in the last ten to fifteen years. It moves away from collective activities and are increasingly guided by individual aspirations. The institution of the family loses his authority, the Church loses its authority, the party will lose its credibility. If a regular guy became a person in the late NINETEENTH century, in the twentieth century person was a woman. Now we live in a world filled with 7 billion unique microcosmos, and everyone wants something to look like, each is enclosed. There are, of course, the phenomena that are trying to deal with this situation, such as fundamental Islam or farmed like the ideology of state patriotism. This is not surprising, but, most likely, carelessly painted set of ideas that are designed to unite the country’s population, suffered a crushing defeat before the individualization of the human species.

To be unique – the only advantage that can not be criticized. Even people who criticize everywhere overly fixated on myself seated themselves oppose themselves and society. Imagine that every single individual does it. Thus, we increasingly lose touch with each other. But to trace this process from ancient times. What was the first state? Correctly slave. Absolute power, absolute unity. Then I went to the feudal lords who kept their serfs on a longer leash. The enlightened monarch, who patronized the freedom-loving philosophers themselves sawed the legs of his throne. Then there was dictatorship, but now the power of the world belongs to democracy, and they are, in our opinion, is not the last in the list. We stop to chat with face to face preferred social network, eating in front of screens and not at the table with the family, we increasingly work for themselves (freelance, for example). Very soon people will realize that it can be used without serious power – it will have both food and work, and communication. The present fall of the vertical of power – that’s what awaits us in this case. The collapse will occur at the level of consciousness, societies and States. Increasingly, we will see wars of national liberation, fewer empires, more and more rights from the citizens. In the end it comes to the fact that the Earth will once again develop a policy culture.

3. Total theocracy

However, it is meaningless to reject irrational factor. People, in fact, the only creature that can make it worse for yourself and be sure that does everything right. In the last couple of years we have seen an unprecedented rise of totalitarian religion – Hydra, we thought we scored during the time of Friedrich Nietzsche. At gunpoint radical irrational ideas were all our freedoms that the blood was achieved by civilized man. You can consider yourself safe from this horror, when in the capital of the largest country in walks a woman with the head killed her child, and the police an hour is pushing your bolt, thinking what to do with Thriller? I think you understood us.

Now imagine for a moment that there are many people who support the radical of value to us. They justify their morality, revelation, God. And it is unfair to say that these values are wrong in essence, because for them, for these people, everything is clear and logical. They are led by that, it means that something in these bloody things they find.Maybe humanity will go this way. Rationalism will be in the doghouse, and the place of the main motives for any action there will be a religion. And it’s a terrible tale just for us, but not for most. Theocracy as a form of social control by the soul, not only our bishops, but also people who focused on some form of perception of the world. They are not bad, not good – just happened. We, of course, very interesting to dream up on the theme of the symbiosis of religion and modern science. Is it possible? How do religious people can get along with jobs, automation and the way, because, of course, from this no one will refuse.

4. Care of civilization

Several countries are now so many guns and bombs that will be enough for a dozen «end of the world». Some scientists are convinced that human civilization will commit suicide with all these weapons. If you remember the events of the Second world war, you can not believe in such predictions. But military budgets occupy a Central position in the economy of any country. And no one has no allies or friends. When we agree with one country, one hand to shake hands, and the other always keep the knife. Our «partners» doing the same thing. Besides, is it possible to exclude the possibility of nuclear weapons falling into the clutches of some small-town dictator?

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_A67A2mO9CeGjRAnd then there’s the explosion, the most powerful in the history of man and civilization will collapse. Not immediately, it will be decades of wars that will fade as soon as will break down all of the created infrastructure. Most people in this case may simply die, and life will begin to resemble the plots of the game series «Fallout». Such inevitably leads to degradation. People will start to score on culture, science, public institutions. We’re not going back to the stone axes, of course. But most of all, tribalism will become a reality, except with guns and burgers instead of raw meat. Will again be in demand physique, and women will become valued not just for their beauty and intelligence but for their «productive» functions, because the more in the tribal people, the more powerful it is. For some men this will be a true finest hour, many of who are waiting for this hell to finally prove himself, because current society it is not so important. Maybe their hopes will come true, but everything else is nice to lie down in the ground.

5. Full autonomy

Virtual reality is developing rapidly. We have said that there is a systematic decentralization of society, which can be expressed not only in the fall of the vertical of power, but also in becoming an independent person. Quite a difficult path for our species. We must understand that it is absolutely independent of man himself produces clothing, feeds himself, and himself speaks. It is not the need in society and sex. All this is hypothetically possible, if humanity decides to bump up development on all fronts. In the first place the industrial revolution of unprecedented scope in which any individual will be able to produce all necessary things on their own. Partly this will be possible thanks to 3D printers. It is also necessary to solve the problem of renewable resources and automation in the food industry. The next problem is the territory. To do this you need to check into your room space. Now scientists are paying close attention to the possibility of terraforming planets that will enable mankind eventually to spread across the cosmos. Then the case for a virtual mind. That man had no need of communicating with another live human, you need to create an artificial substitute that is superior to the original in all respects, including the parameters of a sexual nature.

The end result is we get an absolutely Autonomous existence when the automated system works for us, and we live on some distant from the Earth planet that is generated on your own design. We have our own harem of robots, and the nearest living person to be located thousands of light years from our home.

6. The power of the rampant

Now, as you know, society is based on consumption. The film tries to cater to our perverted tastes, the music becomes increasingly flat and primitive. Very soon the «authorial voice» and does not remain. But will the ubiquitous «product», which is a nice weight and which sells better. This trend not only in culture but also in the economy. Compare the budget of Apple, for example, the budget of the Russian Academy of Sciences. People are not going to spend money on what is really important for humanity, but happy to spend it on something stupid, which will help to kill time. The entertainment industry constrains our opportunities, constrains the capacity of our brains. And that is bad, it is difficult to distinguish the industry from art. How to determine, for example, where the present film, in which he put his soul and mind, and where blockbuster, which has invested only money? The older generation often says that people are dumb and we don’t believe them, I think you’re crazy. And suddenly we are really in the mass, becoming dumber and dumber?

And imagine in this case the development of mankind easy. It will remind us the movie «Idiocracy», where the entire civilization worked in order to meet their primitive needs. No one will be interested in the education, nobody will be interested in the man himself – only entertainment and popularity. A sad sight, but if you’re a hedonist, you may arrange, after all, what is life, if not the satisfaction of their desires?

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