What flowers to give flowers like a Victorian gentleman

What flowers to give

Women often complain that men in their lives is not enough romantic. But people are often constrained in expressing their feelings, resorting to purchases of trinkets and jewels as a sign of love. But there is a better way to be romantic, which does not need to spend a fortune.

During the Victorian era was not accepted to speak big words and give expensive gifts. Then the most romantic thing that we did was to give flowers. And bouquets can tell. Each flower had its own special meaning, was a symbol of something more, talked about the feelings and intentions of the gentleman. Each bouquet contained a secret message for a lady, which she is eagerly interpreted and analyzed to infinity.

Unfortunately, nowadays, almost no one gives flowers.

Give glad tidings to my lady and buy her a bouquet of flowers. Choose colors carefully depending on their importance. Of course, even women nowadays forget about the importance of certain colors. So buy your lady a flower dictionary. Don’t forget the same copy to take to himself. This will give zest to your relationship. Every time you give her flowers, she eagerly run to solve your secret message.

There are even bouquets that say about rejection or unrequited love, so it’s very important for you to know what gestures are presented.

What flowers to give girlfriend

I have prepared for you a small list of flowers and their meaning so you can break the deadlock and start to give their favorite flowers.

  • Carnation — Admiration
  • Chrysanthemum-Friendship
  • Orchid — Love and beauty
  • Lily — Purity and sweetness
  • Red rose — Romantic love
  • Pink rose — secret love
  • Yellow rose — Friendship
  • White rose — Innocent love
  • A bouquet of pink, orange and yellow — Passionate thoughts
  • Purple lilac: «You still love me»
  • Of Lord Ambrosius — Your love is mutual
  • Red Camellia — You’re a flame in my heart
  • White Camellia — You are irresistible
  • Hibiscus — Delicate beauty
  • Purple hyacinth — I’m sorry, please forgive me
  • White periwinkle — a Nice memory

When to give flowers

Once you understand what colors do what I say, you might want to consider what moments it is necessary to give them. Here are a few cases in which just need to warm the heart favorite colors:

Her birthday. It’s her day. Make this day special and buy her flowers.

It was your anniversary. Women associated with the colors of the wedding. You can’t go wrong, if you buy anniversary bouquet of the same flowers that you had at the wedding. It is, as soon as you see the flowers, you will remember with warmth in your heart those moments of joy. And the fact that you remember the little things more to please the wife now.

Valentine’s Day. Every year my wife tells me that she wants nothing for Valentine’s Day. And like a sucker, every year I give her nothing. With Valentine’s Day, my wife comes misfortune. I finally learned my lesson. When women say they don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, in fact, they really want attention.Buy her some flowers. She’ll be glad that you do.

The birth of a child / mother’s Day. Your wife as much as 9 months in pain, carrying your heir, and then another few hours of labour was postponed. It certainly deserves the flowers. Flowers represent new life and they are never suitable for the occasion, because the light appeared to your son or daughter. Don’t forget every year to give flowers to your sweetheart on mother’s Day, reminding her about what a miracle she brought into this world. By the way, it’s not enough to give for mother’s Day flowers.Motherhood is hard work. She deserves more than that.

Recovery. If the woman in your life is sick, nothing could brighten her mood, like a bouquet of beautiful flowers from the man she loves so much.

Say «I’m Sorry!» You’re screwed. If you don’t want to continue to sleep on the couch, give flowers to your sweetheart. It is important to show that you’re really sorry. Your apology must be sincere. But there are times when no amount of flowers will not help, for example, cheating. Not enough flowers in the world to cover this stupid act.

A very special date. Make your love burning brightly for a very long time, it is important to maintain this fire. It doesn’t matter. you have been married or simply Dating for a long time.When planning a romantic picnic, don’t forget to include in the list of «Need to buy» a bouquet of flowers.

Surprise her. Who said you need a reason to give a woman flowers? Surprise her! Make it for no reason, just because she is in your life. Make it a habit and thickets surprise her a pleasant surprise. Believe me, the investment will definitely pay off.

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