What else women want in bed


So, discussing sex with women is an interesting experience. The other day one of my friend said on this subject, and I asked her what she’s missing. She started to give me different errors, which we’ve been.

The error I was not interested: I know it. I wanted to get a kind of wish list. Many complain about crappy sex, but rarely see a reason in itself. However, after talking with different friends and listening to their conversations, I realized that men have no idea about the fantasies of their women.

Not to say that all women want the same thing, but there are some things that are relevant to the vast majority of my friends. And it’s interesting, man.

Be aggressive

Almost every woman with whom I spoke, included the item in the list: «more aggressive sex». They like different: and when they bind, and when you beat them when they pull hair, and when lightly strangled — more enthusiasm!

Of course, I’m not saying that you should smack your friend as soon as you cross the threshold of the house, but it can be tougher — you will be surprised how it will change your sex life. If that’s not enough, here’s more detail: some women not only want to be with them was aggressive — they want to be aggressive.

Swear like a trooper

You may not believe me, but women often said that they like dirty talk. Women like it when they say disgusting things, however, this should not go beyond the threshold of your bedroom.

Women talked about it, blushing, but thank them for sincerity. I can’t write here everything verbatim and uncensored — so use your imagination.

Treat her like a prostitute

Ah, fantasies, many of them beautiful only because they do not realize. One friend said, «I’m tired of being in the bedroom, high society ladies, I’m tired of my husband with me so soft. I like bawdy sex, I wish he talked to me as if seeing me for the first time and has no idea what I want. I wish he acted like an animal and did not allow me to say a word.» Wow!

I think there are many women who want the same. They are simply afraid that if they behave, their husbands will think less of them, and some even worried that their boyfriend will start to treat them differently and outside of the bedroom. And yet many women like the scenario that I described.

Loud sex + oral sex

Women like it when you use your mouth. A variety of ways. Unbelievable but true: women like to give blow jobs (a lot of people doing it for a thanks in return). What women lack is guidance. I don’t mean «No, not the left, now slightly to the right, now up, down, up, down». Just describe what you like and why you like it. And sounds: women want to hear what you pleased, to be sure that they all work.

Now, when you switch roles. What do women want? So you could use your fingers, your whole mouth for some time started to have sex with her, and then returned to unfinished business.

Pay attention to her whole body

It’s not really fantasy — more advice. Most women want men to pay attention to the entire body. You kissing and licking her from head to toe. So she got pleasure not only from vagina.

Good idea — as long as possible to kiss the inside of her thighs or wrist. It will pay you back in the same coin, and, who knows, perhaps the sex will be unforgettable.

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