What else is produced automakers, except for cars

To do one thing from day to day is only a crazy fanatic. But in large companies, in addition to fanatics have also been money-hungry comrades with the problems of self-realization. They, you know, enough to do alone machine. And it is not even about motorcycles, there are weirder examples.



What they do: the beans for bobsleigh, cabin for aircraft business class, racing wheelchair (it happens).

No, really, BMW makes the beans (bobsleigh sled, not a grain) for the U.S. Olympic team with a sleek sled. In the end, it is logical: Bob – the same car, and from the point of view of design, aerodynamics, and balance he has a lot of similarities with the car. But other «Hobbies» concern is a bit surprising. For example, design Agency BMW Designworks performs various automotive order. In particular, they asked Singapore Airlines to develop the design of their aircraft in business class. Well, except people who know how to make good cars, can’t make a beautiful plane?

BMW have another passion – all ways to promote their invention. And promoting its carbon fiber, they are not spared even Paralympic athletes. Their sports wheelchairs are made from supernova technologies, to promote stars like Alex Zanardi.



What they do: private jets (all), lawn and yard equipment, a very stupid job.

You probably know that Honda makes lawn mowers, blowers and other similar equipment for a neat courtyards and snobbish lawns. In addition, they invented the Asimo robot, which can distinguish between gestures and faces. So he can hunt you down and trample you if you show him an obscene gesture.

Still restless the Japanese brand HondaJet, has no roads, and air. These private jets are the fastest Honda, which only exists.



What you do: houses, boats, sewing machines.

Toyota began nearly half a century ago, making window frames, but their passion for building developed to the national scale, and today Toyota is the largest developer in three prefectures of Japan.

And yet, for decades, Toyota launched its line of boats. And I must say, their boats are in good demand. Yes and the quality is great.

But if the house and the boat with the familiar logo – thing understandable, then the sewing machine with the famous rounded scrawl is something strange. Although, if you remember that your way Toyota started with the production machines, the machines cease to appear senseless.

General Motors


What they do: a home for bats.

Perhaps the strangest thing of the entire list, but General Motors really make a house for bats. Or as they are called? The birdhouses?

All this was done solely for PR. Just went off the Assembly line a brand new Chevy Volt, an ecological and very electric. What better way to advertise environmentally friendly car? Of course to hold a rally in support of any animal, even if such disgusting. GM this nonsense started and can’t finish.



What they do: Bob (again!) cartoons, racing bicycles, solar panels, consulting.

And you thought that only the Bavarians like a bobsled? As it is not so! Only patriotism in «McLaren» more, because they support native Olympic bobsleigh team in the UK. Thanks to their technology team was able to take out of Sochi Olympic gold. By the way, they have great road bikes, professionals know. Much less is known about their activities cartoon – cartoons about cars for boys. Not Pixar «Cars», but also interesting.

Even more interesting: why Mclaren took part in creating the toothpaste in conjunction with pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline? You know, if you ever use the paste in each tube is the taste of the pit stop and burnt rubber.

Hyundai Motor Group

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What they do: ships, subway cars.

For many decades Hyundai was known as a firm that produces everything. And still, in addition to the world-famous cars, the Koreans are among the world leaders in the manufacture of trains. In fact, Hyundai is a group of companies from 5 independent branches, which represent the shipbuilding, automotive, construction, retail trade, Finance and electronics.

By the way, their ships brought their handsome Mercedes and BMW.



What they do: helicopters, airplanes.

Automobile brand of Fuji Heavy Industries was and remains the main source of income of the Corporation. However, apart from the noble car, in the dungeons of the automotive giant in industrial scale rivet military products under license from other countries and companies. Moreover, they are subcontractors Boeing and Aerobus.

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