What else could kill you

manygoodtips.com_28.04.2015_VGIzPwdzbh9aoLife is a thing incredibly scary. Probably a lot, if they had the choice, would prefer to stay in the womb and not to see all this sentimental ugliness called life. There is danger everywhere, and in such amount as to live to 30 is a problem. You never know what will kill you: cancer or a bad slip on the juicy pile of shit. And yet all of these accidents, Smoking, terrorism, and other delights threaten all hopes for a bright future. Edition manygoodtips.com not illusions, and therefore to develop you as a paranoid, gives a list of things that are fraught with no less danger of death than those who seem much more dangerous.

1. Bed


How much would seallycalse fanfare media not trumpeted the fact that the carousel is a very dangerous form of recreation, people will still ride. First, it’s fun, and secondly, fun. Girls love the carousel. The boys, tipsy, also stormed the cockpit «roller coaster». Despite the fact that every year, say, on the same roller coaster die an average of 4 people. Two of them are ordinary workers, time has not pulled the fingers from under the rails or in the old way, polezshego to the transformer sweaty palms.

Now, I hasten to please you. More likely you will die (never say) not at high speeds, gleefully cackling and uttering unnatural whiskey, and peacefully snoring after falling from his bed. Each year, on average, in a similar way dies 450 people. I think it is useful to put near the bed a few dozen pillows.

2. Cow


As you know, the bear is not yellow as if suffering from cirrhosis, incompetent, loving honey, mighty and noble beast. And answering inoplanetyanki old proverb «an uninvited guest is worse than Gagarin», «master of the forest», also called the bears, does not like annoying his visitors to the forest. Dislikes hunters, mushroom pickers and other pests and Grizzlies. Over the past 110 years, 163 people were killed by friendly animals.

While harmful of the meeting with the bears bring 1.5 of a corpse (this ratio does not mean that the wild beast scores one disabled and one healthy person), cattle kills 22 people a year. Despite the fact that ladybugs kill farmers completely intentional, protecting the calves, or an angry bull raising horns to the casual visitor. And sometimes, quite accidentally trampled.

I remember a saying from my childhood about «a gray top that will grab for a flank»? So, I suggest to replace it with: «there will Come two oxen and raise the horns». Or something like that. Next time, don’t be touched, looking advertising of the chocolate «Milka». Think about how many people were killed by this insidious creature.

3. Sea, sun, beach


Walking to the beach – an extremely dangerous thing. Wild, malevolent jellyfish that can sting you, sharks that can bite you in the leg, the sun that burns your flesh… But worse than predatory teeth and burns within.

Sometimes, going to the beach, look at the blue water, clouds, is a calm, weather whispers, you immediately, snorting, swim in the water, showing off to himself his physical form, and trying to swim away. That’s just rowing-row, row-row, and move in a different direction. And then you realize that you takes over. Rescuers, as always, flirting with a cute female visitors of the beach, attractive, beautiful hips, and you’re floundering, lonely, with tears of resentment in his eyes and the melody that accompanies every bummer in the «Jumble». Next worse: you’re exhausted, playing the Terminator, and, hardly showing the thumb going down. Without pathos, and with the resentment and hysteria. And then the police found hundreds of turgid, not-very-nice bodies, driftwood. It was during – the most common cause of fatal misunderstandings on the water. Citizen, be vigilant! Listen to your mother and don’t go too far.

4. Exercise


In the 21st century, the era of progress, technology and social benefits, there are more and more reasons to worry for their children. However, the biggest threat to children is not evil terrorists, pedophiles, and physical education. In fact, in the world more children are killed on playgrounds than in terrorist attacks or dirty harassment. They become a victim of sports injuries. It is not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to receive a fatal injury of the forehead. Rural areas are particularly affected.

Common causes of death represent overheating, brain injury and sudden cardiac arrest. The young athletes often suffer from dehydration or excessive load. The heart is not official, may not survive. Sudden cardiac arrest kills 90 percent of young athletes. And yet there are cases when a crooked football goals maim hapless children. Danger is everywhere.

5. The magical world of Walt Disney


The lair of Mickey mouse, turned out to be no better than the crime-infested streets of Rio.

From 2005 to 2014 eight visitors to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, was killed. Heart attacks and traumatic injuries are common causes. Joined 5 workers, those who are sent to hell safety. It turned out that the famous Florida alligators are far worse than the old Mickey. After all, the chance to be broken in two with a giant reptile in times less, than to suffer in the famous amusement Park.

6. The summer heat


Summer is, of course, «little life», however, during this «life» there are all sorts of terrible things. For example, lightning can reach temperatures of 30,000 degrees. In truth the solar temperature! It will be lucky if after «the kiss» with a very hot flash, you only get off burns. Most often, the contact with lightning be, in principle, last contact with anything.

Contrary to popular belief, most lightning strikes nearby, and not directly into character. That’s why it’s always better to move during a thunderstorm, and not to lie, not moving, in the open field.

Oh, and don’t forget about the «magical» power of heat. Generally, death from overheating is a surprisingly nasty way to go to the hereafter. As you grow your temperature, in addition to neprostoi sweating, the body tries to cool itself, and,in the words of C. J. «his» to fuck» by pumping blood closer to the skin . When cool, does not work, more and more blood is pumped away from your internal organs, and in addition the lack of oxygen. And the heat buildup causes inflammation of the whole body, making cooling impossible. After the temperature reaches 40 degrees, your brain will get less blood because of the increased intracranial pressure, and damaged tissue, and following this comes kerdyk and unhappy kidneys. And then… all.

7. Cold


Hypothermia may be even more insidious killer than the heat. She appears as a normal symptom of hypothermia: shivering, numb fingers and so on. If shivering is not enough to warm the body, the body will cause the outflow of blood from the extremities and internal organs. The shaking will begin when the body temperature drops to 35 degrees, but is terminated if it falls below 32 degrees. And here’s the scary part. At this point, the sufferer will not be able to think clearly and perhaps even to remove clothing. Full trouble with the brain occur at the level of 30 degrees.

A victim of hypothermia turns into a White Walker: it’s like he’s alive, but not alive and so cold. Metabolism slows down to decrease oxygen demand. Heart rate and respiration is extremely low. You turn into Elsa from the cartoon «the Cold heart», as the temperature of the heart muscle falls to a dreadful 20 degrees. Although «lucky» go to the hereafter and at 28 degrees. On average, from excessive cold kills about 1,300 people per year.

8. Food poisoning


Carbon monoxide is even more insidious and covert method of murder than hypothermia. You cannot see it, taste it, feel it won’t even make you sneeze or cough. Cars emit her every day, and your furnace could make a cold winter evening last. Monoxide kills after enters the bloodstream when you inhale. Carbon monoxide makes the blood carry oxygen that leads to tragic consequences. Die each year from these 430 people. And it’s only one, you know the country.

But not in a hurry to get rid of the plate, otherwise you will lose the last hope for delicious food. Because foodborne diseases killed up to 3000 inhabitants per year. Many food poisoning caused by poultry, although fruits, nuts and greens are not far behind. By the way, this infection can be defeated in a fairly straightforward manner: proper hand washing and cooking at the right temperature.

9. The handwriting of doctors


We live in an amazing time when medicine can cure smallpox. Instead, however, we have received hundreds of incurable fevers like AIDS and the notorious Ebola. Lately there are persistent rumors that neither Ebola nor AIDS does not – it’s all fabrications greedy doctors. But there is a thing that consistently kills up to 7,000 people a year. And this is the handwriting of doctors.

Yes, written with a nervous hand scribbles, devoid of meaning and hope. They will not understand nor Sherlock Holmes, nor Satan nor other experts in everything, and if encryption Stirlitz wrote the doctors, then no one would have understood what it is. Doodle can easily lead to the use of medicines in the wrong dosage, which is fraught with consequences, and on the contrary, dose reduction is also no good will not result.

10. Alcohol


Charming and vicious world brings many temptations, which offers a direct route to a comfortable warm body that on the background of alcohol a long time not perceived as something deadly. Only if you don’t thump the years, an alcoholic whose liver has long lost the function «filter» of the body. How many people die each year from alcoholism is unknown. How many people died from too close contact with «a green serpent» in the history of mankind? Also unclear. Rumor has it that Alexander the great, liked to drink, by the way, fell ill after gulping down a few liters of wine. Got sick and died happy.

On average, death from drunkenness in men occurs after five or more alcoholic drinks consumed in a short period of time. Women — after four or more. Most of these deaths are due not to alcohol poisoning, and concomitant symptoms are: car accidents, violence, drunk and other horrors. Well, the magic and the forbidden interaction of drugs and alcohol annually kills tens of thousands of desperate seekers of thrill. Alas, the alcohol and the attendant side effects and symptoms most effectively contribute to natural selection.

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