What do you think suggested this fat guy in exchange for a big Mac?


Of course, like chips , fast food causes addiction. We have no idea what addiction is causing fast food — we are not expert at this, but the hawk from «McDuck» certainly there is something unhealthy in terms of dependencies.

Here is our hero, friends, this is Donald Jones, he’s 58. The police of Albuquerque, in new Mexico in the United States, said the woman who reported that Donald offered her sexual services in exchange for… food from McDonald’s. Apparently, the guy strongly pripeklo. The woman arrested is also unknown, whether it have used the services of a gigolo Jones. Although if a woman wanted to be our hero, then… we would call her a freak! But Jones got a pretty raw deal: he goes to jail, but not for prostitution, no, dude (although Albuquerque is being punished for), and for possession of drugs. Apparently, the man also kept them for food.

I think that in the near future, the food from «McDonalds» has all chances to become a kind of currency or even a new drug. By the way, what they add in these nuggets? Nonsense, but still want!

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