What do you say to parents and what you really mean

Once you become an adult, you moved to the Dorm or apartment. In any case, when you began to live separately, you still haven’t lost touch with his parents, who are often interested in your life. And you don’t want them worried about you. But most of all you don’t want parents in 10 minutes, appeared in front of your doorstep, with all nishtyak. You’re an independent person, and I feel that others also believed in it. So our parents we say these phrases to calm them down. But what we mean by them really?

1. Are you eating enough?

What you say: Yes, I recently on the Internet I found several delicious recipes. A friend recently cooked me borscht. What this really means: well, I fluctuate between a complete lack of food and the rare fast food. Sometimes I buy meat dumplings, and sometimes pasta. In short, the present variety.

2. Do you have a girlfriend?

What you’re saying: I meet someone, but it is not serious. What this really means: well, if you count that dumb chick I woke up after a party with a terrible headache, then Yes, I have a personal life. But it is unlikely to make you good children.

3. How are things at work?

What you say: All is well. What it really means: almost unbearable. My boss is a complete jerk who is trying to realize himself as a despot. He must have been complex. He texts me 24/7, and it seems that he has no personal life. No, it seems that his personal life is me. Soon I will have a real ulcer. Or two. If this goes on, I will definitely end up with a bottle in his hand. But if I’m going to tell you in person, you force me to leave work, and I will be your personal child up to the end of days.

4. You like your apartment?

What you say: Yeah it’s cool. What it really means: Yes, I love it because you can walk around naked and throwing things, and then not remove them. I like my fridge. And anything that is there in the pot is something incomprehensible, but there is always a bottle of something strong. Why? Because my boss is a dick. Sometimes I think I am not able to take care of themselves. I miss your food, mom! And well-ironed shirts too. Maybe I should get a woman?

5. You are satisfied in your life? What are you going to do next?

What you say: Yes, but I don’t know where I’ll be next. What it really means: to be honest, I don’t know what I’ll be doing in the next paycheck, not to mention what will happen in ten years. Please do not ask me these questions with passion a La KGB, I honestly don’t know what’s gonna happen to me. I’m not a fortune teller. And I don’t remember classmate Masha, who is married and gave birth to a 5 pound baby.

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