What do you need to swing the legs?

Whenever we shake biceps and six-pack belly, we forget. If you train to be able to walk on the beach, then the results are often quite one-sided. Remember, man, those who train for cubes, serious sections don’t like, they have a gym.

Very often guys in gyms forget about the feet. Hell, very often. They work hard to pump yourself with your upper body, doing crunches on the press, but completely forget about my legs, because my feet… not visible. Why not swing the bad leg? We’re not going to tell you about it. We’ll just show you this:

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You know how shitty it looks? But it is not only in appearance. Weak legs that deprived of attention training and iron will fail you in the future. As if strong were not human bones, high load on the joints causes them to gradually fade. Go 30 years with osteoarthritis the first or second degree, and it’s fucking frustrating. Unfortunately, due to improper training and lack of proper attention to coach many men ruin their feet and not even know it. But you’re not old! In addition, to lift weights without a strong legs hard. And varicose veins… Pleasant enough.

How to swing the legs? There are many ways, man. It’s tricky, because the legs used to the load, and, therefore, they should be paid more attention. All loads are divided into two types: an increase in lean muscle mass and work on the terrain.


The easiest and most affordable way to increase the weight of the legs. But we have to run smart. First, buy a decent running shoes, or problems with the joints will come to you much faster than you think. Secondly, running on normal ground. That is not on asphalt, and on a special track or in the woods, where the soil is springy underfoot. But still better to enroll in a gym.


The most basic exercise for the legs. Use different types of squats. First, start with standard and then plug in the process of a dumbbell or barbell. Squat with a barbell can, holding her head or on the chest. Back straight, looking forward, the scapula is reduced. You need to squat to the floor. Can also try to squat on one leg. Repeat these exercises for two months, seriously increase muscle mass in your legs.

Relief and exercises on it

Started with the basics, graduated from the terrain, to dry our feet. In the gym this is simple: there are many simulators on the flexion/extension of the knee. What are they good for? Straightening the knees will help you to work out the quadriceps, flexing the knees frighten the semimembranosus muscle bundles of the thigh, polusharnirnye and biceps.

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For relief also good and lunges with weights. This kind of exercises load the muscles of the legs, which in itself is good. To be done correctly. Become straight, feet shoulder-width apart, take a dumbbell and do alternating lunges forward, using each foot in turn. Remember that one knee must touch the floor and the other leg that is extended forward should be bent at 90 degrees.

Simple lifts on tiptoe, too, should not be underestimated, as they are well trained ankle and calf muscles. Rise on tiptoe for a time delayed (we can assume), and then take the usual stance.

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