What do you expect from a woman a real man

what to expect from womenRemember this famous image come from the fifties? It lists all the things that should a woman do to make a man happy. It says that it must do before he came home, dressing the children, to cook, to listen to her husband and all that jazz. But it was in the distant fifties. What can we expect from women in the twenty-first century?

Of course, all these things like «no Laundry, while her husband at home» is irrelevant, and seem meaningless. A woman’s place in society has already changed, and everyone understands. However, the new century abounds with double standards.

Still women expect from men that they will work on their shortcomings, and indeed many expect. But if a person is waiting for something from a woman, most likely, the conversation will appear as follows:

She: I like men with biceps and machines.

She: Romantic and able to take care of me.

He: I like women who can cook.

She: THAT’s YOU being SEXIST!

I still want something to borrow from the past, while maintaining all the progress that we have achieved over the years. In a sense the new movement in the direction of traditional courage requires the presence of the women: a man is successful if he is including the appropriate companion. If men open doors for women and call them out, they just laugh at: but with them, the porridge will not weld. If a person is struggling to behave like a gentleman, and the woman is not trying at all in any industry, relationships between the sexes will not be adjusted. Men are disappointed in women, starting to think that these are meant for the people should not have Affairs.

Women, on the other hand, say they like the idea of traditionally masculine men. However, if men begin to comply with these standards, does this mean that something is required of women?

If women say they do not want a society without gender and want men were men, they should draw attention to themselves. In a world where masculine men, feminine women.

Don’t get me wrong. Men’s desire to be the man has very little to do with women and their opinion about men. Over the past few decades men have relied too much on the opinion of women, and this is their biggest mistake. A man should be courageous, confident, proud and have self-respect.

However, it is wrong to assume that femininity did not correlate with masculinity. It would be difficult to define courage, not in opposition to her femininity: just as we could define darkness, not seeing the light.

Undoubtedly, to be decent people, men motivated by what they received from their women something in return. Courage requires sacrifice, but men do not feel as if they tried themselves. The men were dressed, and invited women out on dates and paid for them, brought food, took care of their wives: they were the very rock upon which a woman could always rely on. But they could contemplate the attractive women in classical clothing, magic, who prepared the meals, took care of home and children and helped the man feel like a king in his castle.

Today is a new double standard found that to be masculine is good and to remind women of their responsibilities — it’s a shame. A story:

  • A woman tells a man to dress up and not look sloppy. Great!
  • A man tells a woman to stop to look scruffy and start to take care of themselves. Sexist!
  • To say that husband don’t need to hang around the women. Classic!
  • To say that woman is a prostitute. Sexist!
  • To say that the man needs to get off the couch and go to work. OK!
  • To say that a woman needs to nurture children. Sexist!
  • To say that the man should take the initiative in the relationship. For my dear!
  • To say that a woman should allow a man to be in charge. Sexist!

Well, you understand my idea. There are several reasons for these inconsistencies.

First, throughout history, men were in a privileged position (although in those days there were drawbacks to being a man). Then the women’s movement dropped men from these positions. So when it comes to restoring courage men animated (not because I want to get the same leading position, but just because they fondly thinking about the past). Women, on the other hand, in the last few decades fought for the position they are in now. Therefore, even if they are not quite happy with them, look back and remember what good has happened in the past for them is equivalent to betraying their comrades in struggle. And if someone offers to return at least a little bit of old school femininity and say that it is a good idea, it would be insulting.

Secondly, women are always lifted up as the defenders of morality, while men are always thought disparagingly sinner. So that has always been considered socially acceptable to castigate men but not women due to entrenched in the subcortex understanding that women are by nature pure and no any special reasons to be beautiful. Some feminists still cling to this idea: men and women level, «level, but men are still pigs.» Strange thing.

Today women say that they don’t want to stand on the podium, to present them there is sexist. If so, then we must admit that today women have to work and take on the same responsibility as men.

Maybe equality does not mean all attempts to surpass men in those things which were originally considered masculine? That kissing girls for the sake of attracting attention, unshaven legs and baggy sweatshirt — this is not liberation?

If men learned to cope with pots, maybe women should not be left behind? I know a lot of friends my age who did not know how to cook.

After all, there is something between «treated like a Princess» and «I am a completely independent»? These are the two extremes, which reduce men crazy. Many relationships broke up not because they were bad that men are goats, but because women could not get rid of the paranoia in the spirit of «I’m losing my individuality» and could not calm down and rely on man. Did you know that 2/3 of divorces initiated by women?

Don’t get me wrong. We do not persuade friends to «get back in the kitchen» and start the movement «for the return to the kitchen». As traditional masculinity, is to revive the traditional femininity, which undeservedly forgotten. The woman just needs to distinguish the baby from the bath water. Man it will be even harder. It’s a real minefield, which facing history and progress.

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