What do you do in the gym

common mistakes in the gymDay after day our website tells you how to lose weight, build muscle, be fit and strong. To remember everything is impossible, and now we gather together all of the most common and annoying bugs of the potential bullies.

1. To take it with me phone

You do not even suspect, such a small thing can significantly degrade performance technique of exercises to reduce the enthusiasm and even trigger you to chill out. If you look at the gym from the side, you’ll see that every second is definitely texting, talking to each other during the break between sets, sometimes switches tracks.

To get the most out of your visit to the gym, you need to focus on your goal and try to do the exercises more intensely. This does not mean just hard work. This means having a plan and a lot of different purposes: large and small, and to focus on each moment. Of course, this does not deny the opportunity to have a good time and maybe write SMS. The main thing — remember why you came here. The lesson will be more productive if you’re going every half hour to put before the current target. Half an hour later can pick up the phone, and then take up a half-hour to achieve the following goal.

In the end, nothing will happen if you an hour and a half won’t pick up the phone. The world will not collapse. You just completely surrender to the process.

2. Static stretching

Usually people warm up to prepare muscles for exertion. The paradox is that the majority of visitors of the gym doing warm-UPS, which makes no sense. In the last ten years several studies have been conducted that have proven that static stretching before exercise does not prevent injuries, but only waste time. This stretching is directed to an isolated muscle warming up, and this is not good. Instead, it is better to stretch multiple joints and stimulate blood circulation. Our choice — dynamic stretching is much more effective for gymnasiums.

3. To develop your skills

People are divided into two types: those who seek to eradicate their weaknesses, and those to whom the very existence of these weaknesses causes such a fag that they usedona larger pleasure to close your eyes to them — just not to see their weaknesses. That’s human nature: we are pleased to do what we feel confident and for us convenient. However, visitors of the gyms is much more useful to pay attention to what else needs to be improved. Very rare to see inflexible dude on a proper trainer, and the guy on thin legs — exercises for legs. A desire to work on weaknesses shows your dedication and generally says a lot about your character. So you will be the best not just physically.

4. Forget about legs

How much I’ve talked about this! Dudes with beefy torso and thin legs is an injury to all swings. Top pump up easier and it looks more solid. The narcissism of dudes pumped only what I see in the mirror, forgetting about the foot that usually languish in the pants, no one visible. Even squatting deep enough, you’re doing yourself a disservice: it is much less efficient than the high-quality, conscientiously made squats. Hrenovenko squats not only protect the knees, but generally not useful.

5. To stay in the gym too long

Measure everywhere and in everything — that’s our motto! Sometimes excessive zeal can only do harm. The body responds to the stress release of cortisol, and if you’re doing 45 reps of each exercise, you will increase the chances of this release. What’s wrong with cortisol? Cortisol is a dangerous hormone: it destroys muscle and causes the fat accumulation in the abdominal area. It turns out from excessive exercise to grow fat. In half an hour or 45 minutes to make a very good program and confined. Who wants to be a slave to the gym? You need a plan, intelligence and intensity.

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