What do you do celebrity

What do you do celebrities? Of course, to make money. Someone will say that sleep and smell the cocaine, but they are people too, and they are not alien to the hobby as us mere mortals. Some, of course, trying to give the hobby another way to scrape up more money, like Madonna, but first, skip the ladies ‘ hobby, and second, we choose the things of the soul.

Mike Tyson and birds

You can watch endlessly for 3 things: fire, water, Mikey early in his career literally tore apart their more famous rivals. In the life of «iron Mike» had a lot of scandals, fights, accusations and even jail time. Accordingly, you need a hobby that is able to return to spiritual harmony. So his life came to Islam. To her he is very serious, this is for Michael Jackson it was a hobby. And when the Koran does not give answers to questions, Tyson goes to the dovecote. It’s not about a gay club, where a great fighter walks shaking his fists and cool down, and a simple pen for pigeons. The dove is a bird.

Passion for these birds appeared to Michael in his childhood. And he even had a fight in the age of 10 because of the pigeons. During active Boxing career to devote sufficient time to our feathered Pets Tyson could not. And finished fights, he enjoyed breeding and training their beloved Pets. And the shower nice, and anger with fury, disappear somewhere.

Of course, he does handsome and well-bred birds, not the psycho poor who live in garbage dumps and fly right in the face. Mike appreciator of beauty.

Quentin Tarantino and Board games

This Creator of modern pop culture and have appropriate hobby. Quentin told me that he enjoys collecting and selection of Board games, assembled on the cinematic genre. Among the favorite subjects of Tarantino himself said «dawn of the dead» and «the universe». The last is something like «Space Odyssey 2001». From Tarantino is the game «Platoon», in which he wants to play some time with Oliver stone. Previously, Tarantino was interested in retro boxes for Lunches, but this gathering, he decided to give up, because even for him fabulously rich but still single person, it is too expensive.

Graceful sword Tom cruise

Tom cruise at the time were heavily involved in Kabbalah, which seemed to be making any sense. But as we condemn and will cover, if we include the religious teachings of Scientology and similar heresy to the hobby, you have to attribute a hobby to something else. The other was the love of… fencing. A very useful hobby, especially when you consider that all the stunts in his movies So takes on their own.

Beetles and their lovers

You know David Lynch, and probably watched or «eraserhead» or «Elephant», «twin Peaks». Movies specific and beautiful, like Turkish delight, and once it becomes clear that they took people out of this world. About his meditation, by which, in fact, masterpieces are born, for 30 years there are different stories. So let’s leave meditation, the benefit of the meter there is another strange hobby: since childhood he was attracted by collecting dead animals and flies, which it continues to collect until now.

And while studying at University, he visited the morgue where his friend worked, to observe the corpses, and the nights were drawing dead people. That’s such a nice man.

By the way, the oldest representative of the genus Rockefeller collects beetles. Strange that it’s not a rare car, namely insects. In his collection of tens of thousands of parasites, he even manages to discover a new species.

Rumor has it that the owner of the strange emotions Nicolas cage also loves to collect bugs, but not as much as comics.

Arnoldova love

Serious person and a serious seizure. When Arnie got so carried away with politics that suddenly became Governor. Arnie even wanted to run for President, but, unfortunately, the words «the village of Thal near Graz, Styria, Austria» in the column «Place of birth» did not allow him to take this step. However, this is not the only hobby. There are some other Hobbies for a large and wealthy people. Schwarzenegger not feed bread, let alone ride decommissioned the Hummer or tank. In the collection of the actor there are those and other units. By the way, he put his hand to the famous monstrous Hummers passed into civilian use, before that they were made only for military purposes.

This is not the only «wheel» the capture of Schwartz. There in his garage and these bikes, which the actor sometimes shakes its antiquity. Shaking, though not always successfully, because accidents happen. But thank God, with a legend all right.

Bill Murray and fans height

Bill Murray is 64, but this does not prevent the actor to take parachuting. So seriously that Murray even takes part in demonstration performances in the team of skydiving at various air shows and even at the height of several thousand meters is confident, calm and tranquil.

Another Hollywood retired Harrison Ford also partial to the altitude. However, he prefers to free fall in the body of the aircraft, not holding hands for the comrades. We to the fact that recently he crashed his vintage plane. But thank God, remained alive and not lost the aviation enthusiasm. And his colleague John Travolta went even further and became a licensed civil aviation pilot. His hobby became the border of the hobby, and at the moment he has several thousand hours flying time, he personally carries a family through the air, and in 2005 he delivered humanitarian aid to victims of hurricane Katrina.

Stallone, drugsman other artists

Many psychiatrists recommend drawing as therapy. In many respects the painting helped Sly to recover quickly after the death of his son Sage. Sylvester plunged head first into the painting and admitted that it had its therapeutic results. Picture of Stallone in his most abstract work that does not bother them. Moreover, Sylvester organized an exhibition of his paintings and even sold a few.

Similar cases handled by disgraced and now Andrey Makarevich – also draws, arranges exhibitions and sells. However, his paintings are cheaper than in another famous artist – Robert Downey Jr. He could count on the laurels of a distinguished artist, if played worse. But all of them far from Pierce Brosnan. As much as he earns in his paintings, perhaps the best James bond, doesn’t make any one actor.

Woody Allen and Anthony Hopkins: leisure for writing music

In General, a lot of Hollywood actors are fond of rock-music: Kevin costner is a very good group, Ryan Gosling plays the guitar, Keanu Reeves played bass in his band. But there are those who wholeheartedly given to other musical genres.

The most demanding of a Director, an acknowledged genius, who still considers himself a loser, the legendary Woody Allen is not just able to remove charming suerheroine movie, but wonderfully plays the clarinet. But he is not the only youth involved in music, but since the late 1960s, periodically speaks at various venues (usually in clubs). Ensemble Allen «new Orleans jazz» Band each week playing jazz at the Carlyle hotel in new York and to date has recorded two albums – «The Bunk Project» (1993) and the soundtrack to «Loose Blues» (1997), a documentary by Barbara Kopel on the music side of the creative activities of Allen.

His colleague, Oscar-winning sir Anthony Hopkins loves to spend time at the piano. And if he hadn’t become an actor, he could become a great composer. More than a year ago in the Internet appeared the video, where the famous orchestra, Andre Rieu plays a waltz written by Hopkins. The music is really gorgeous.

Morgan Freeman and sail

For many the news that the beloved Hollywood sage Morgan Freeman has everything else and a great sailor. While he has impressive experience: sailing he began in 1967, long before the Academy awards, numerous awards and recognition, which would have envied the Pope of Rome. As they say, do not live so much as he walks.

Sailing, he admits, is «a particularly effective antidote to Hollywood.» «Career success has allowed me some time and a little work to do what you love sailing,» he laughs. Dark-skinned Oscar-winning actor often goes on a cruise on his 38-foot luxury yacht in the Caribbean and in the North Atlantic.

If you live invented, not your life, says Freeman,, believe me, it won’t cost anything as long as you don’t do something that he will appeal the reality and challenge her. In my case, sailing in the open ocean is a challenge, because in the ocean or life, or death, your only goal there is to survive. In the sea you can not avoid independent action, and that’s a pretty good test of your bravery and human qualities. Who are you? What are your capabilities and beliefs? Know these things only under sail.

Alamino beer

Is in the city of Washington the White House. In that house – black-black President. And loved that the President of the beer. So much so, that even his mini-brewery opened. Beer is the poetic name of «Honey ale White house.» The drink comes in dark and light variants. Well, then it is necessary to cry: honey beer give bees that are in the garden of the White house throws his wife Michelle. Here’s a touching family affair.

But other celebrities prefer to produce liquor. The former lead singer of the band Van Hallen Sammy Hagar and the author of the most pretentious speech on the award «Oscar» George Clooney released his own tequila. Say that Hagar better. Old rock-n-Rolik appreciator of good booze.

City Kusturica

The famous Director Emir Kusturica in his spare time he likes to build their own city. Rather the village. These, he built two. In one he lives, and this little village with the eloquent title Drvengrad. There you can find the street. Dostoevsky, the area of Nikita Mikhalkov, street. Gagarin, and the walls of the houses portraits of his friends (like Maradona), literary classics, and political criminals (like George Bush). And in General, completely livable town’s Museum and library and even a cinema there.

He also had another town built, rather, as a cultural Park, and it’s called Antichrist – dedicated to the most significant Serbian writer Ivo Andric. But if Drvengrad – for the soul and life, Antigrad – more exposure to culture. Although the «wooden» fiefdom Director tourists rides, no less. Maybe more, because there is hope to catch him right at home.

Who let me remind you that Bush still likes to write books, and in the group «No Smoking Orchestra» guitar playing. But it’s trite, but the city to build not everyone can.

Warriors ball and knitting needles

We will not hard to paint, but who would have thought that the legendary «Gladiator», one of the most brutal actors in Hollywood history, spends time with needles and yarn. Even on the set of Russell Crowe sometimes sits and connects something. And we thought only knit bored pensioner.

By the way, this case was seen and brad pitt, the truth is, knitting it not so intense.

And what have we?

As you know, the Russian star is no worse than foreign ones, and Hobbies are no less interesting. We decided to take the cream, the most iconic stars at the moment.

For example, the cult singer Alex is fond of Floristics. The singer is doing what is consonant with his creative way of ikebana, and is doing brilliantly.

And Valdis Pelsh collects helmets. Military helmets and headgear.

Another idol of millions of Russian peasants, Nikolai Tsiskaridze loves to embroider in my spare time. Classes and really soothing, if not to embroider a swastika and other disturbing delights.

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