What do they think the girls when dancing on your knees

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2016_1Vlez6tOggY64Today we have an unusual reading, since we were able to collect stories though not prostitutes, but close to them girls dancers who practice the same lap dance, otherwise private lap dance man. There’s a lot of eroticism, vulgarity and, to some extent, true art. Lap dance — lesson, almost semi-legal, because the exact wording of this fun no one can give. What is it? A kind of Striptease? A normal dance? Or the provision of sexual services, often because the outcome of a lap dance is ejaculation in panties. In any case, to condemn the lap dance we do not intend, and do not want to condemn other manifestations of healthy eroticism — there is freedom in a world of total prohibition.In General, we found interesting to gather the opinions of the girls who work for its fifth point on his knees dressed men. Well, really wonder what they think when I dance for you? Maybe about love? I doubt it. And Yes, the names we have changed, but you yourself have to understand it.

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2016_Non1BGAJK9MCOAlina, 25 years: how much more to dance to repay the loan?

I constantly think about money, because I need to pay different bills, which every day becomes more and more. If you work in the service sector, it is better to understand the phrase «Time is money». In mind a solid math and infinite numbers. Even when you dance — think about it.Nadia, 27 years of age: one packet of butter, two bags of coffee, apples, chicken breast and a carton of milk

It’s true. There are dances that do not give to relax and you have to be smart so that the client gave top tips. For some people it’s even nice to do. But most often the work is a standard pattern that worked out well. Until I turn around, do the massage, swinging on the guy in the head, I have a shopping list for tonight or any other home stuff. I think that some customers think the same.

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2016_ESyX4X23qhqBqSofia, 25 years: this guy looks like a serial killer

Therefore, not all customer contacts are filled with tenderness. Sometimes I shudder at fake smiles and weird faces, but it’s not so bad. Once the client has invited the*host in his ear, the other said, «your clitoris looks edible.» Yes, this is a real quote! Fortunately, in our institution are normal guys, who are constantly monitored to ensure that we were okay. When I show the thumb, they pass by, but the gesture of OK says that I need help.Lisa, 23 years: so stoned!

Often witness that the client has some rambling nonsense. He can speak too fast or unclear and I can only nod and smile, hoping that he’s not going to puke on me. Usually it’s the alcohol, but sometimes it can be connected to the drugs.

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2016_SIGAhJXhATVyBViolet, 25 years: he bears

What to conceal, not all girls smell good and so some of us need to pour yourself a ton of perfume. But sometimes we don’t do it because of their own smell, but because of «flavors customers.» They are cloyingly awful. Guys, if you go the strip clubs, I beg you — take a fucking shower! Lap dance will be more enjoyable for both of us if you don’t smell like a pig. And, believe me, I can reject a request for a private dance for that reason. The fact is that if you saturated my skin the «magic» smell of sweat, I won’t be able to earn money for the rest of my shift. No one will order a stinky dancer.Lolita, 22 years: this is exactly what I need

I do feel satisfaction from their work. Come to me men, some of them are strict in the extreme, but when I start my dance, I notice that they become kind, gentle and encouraged. I think I’m the perfect leisure after a hard working day. That is, I do not see anything wrong with such work. I get to bring joy to lonely and weary people that they can’t get for one reason or another at home.

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2016_73YIlHFCizxQaMaria, 27 years: I represent each client with some Hollywood actor

Daniel Craig in role of James bond, Harrison Ford era of Indiana Jones, Depp since the «Crybabies» — I imagine a customer if that customer looks like a nuclear war. A little imagination never hurts, especially if it is good for both of us.Veronica, 21 years: usually, I just try not to fart

It’s a matter of professionalism and stamina. You try to hold in your stomach air bubble, while in the course of an hour filled lap dance. Now imagine that the client is some local bigwig? No doubt, often the only thought the girl who twirls in front of you backwards, so it’s like you don’t fart in the face.

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