What do extraordinary people


What it means to be an extraordinary human? Bullet lasers from his eyes? To be able to fly? To be incredibly smart and help everyone as mother Teresa? We think very carefully on this topic and learned what to do to become extraordinary useful.

1. Reliable support

To take care of people dear to you — that’s what makes you different in their eyes. But this only works if you really need people. Be sincere. If you think about the people who had the greatest positive impact on your life, you can’t reciprocate their attention. That’s just rude. When you feel that these people are bad and they urgently need a shoulder on which to shed tears, why not provide? Just do not agree to it often! If the person has already made you a moral support so you can do the same for him.

Only sincere, man! If you’re not interested in, to calm this person, don’t!

2. Attention and focus on the problem

On the person next to you and have to waste precious time. Don’t tell people once again that you care about them enough to tell a story to yourself! Just do it! Constant sincere attention to those who you really care about rocks. To be with someone for some time, listen to it and take an active interest in his life — it’s worth it!

When we pay attention to each other, we breathe each other a new life. When we show attention and affection our relationships flourish, and we as a people are getting smarter and getting stronger. We help each other to heal the wounds and support the growth of each other. So give someone the gift of your time is a sign of attention and kindness. It’s better than any other gift, since it will not break or get lost, and he will always be remembered.

3. Be yourself

The biggest privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are and want to be. You have to dare to be yourself. The people who support us, are very important. Those who do not support us and tries to impose his vision, not useful. It may even be relatives. Appreciate those people who support your endeavors, and their kindness and pay them when you can.

Never spoil people because they are not like everyone else. Don’t tell me what they need to do. To advise you, but to point and put ultimatums — what. Never laugh at the wonderful people, you know why? Because it is unworthy of a normal person.

4. Be prepared for openness and wrong

The mind is like a parachute: it doesn’t work when closed.

It is normal when you disagree with ideas or opinions that others Express. But that doesn’t give you the right to immediately reject any comments that they could do. It does not give you the right to accuse someone that his beliefs are shit just because you don’t like what they think and say. Learn tolerance to different ideas, learn to see their perspective, even if it means overcoming your pride and opening of the mind, although it is not convenient.

Healthy human relationships and interactions is not a struggle for power. Be ready to make mistakes, so you’ll find your truth.

5. Inspiration and positive

Negative people are not wanted. They can of course look at, and spit, and then be on my way. So don’t be too negative in the sense in which it is described in that article, the link to which I gave.

Stay positive in the normal sense, when you are surrounded by negativity. This is reflected in the fact that you’re standing your ground and not give in to the trends of the collective mood. This is a simple way to change the situation. Every time the words are pronounced that is (the phrase sounds bad, but the meaning is the same). Fear what you say and how you say it. Use words that mean what you value, encourage and inspire someone. We must remember that you have to be sincere. Sincere is to be what are the positive characters and not be a hypocrite and expose themselves like that. If you don’t like people, don’t need to lick it.

6. Recognition and praise

A brave and generous man, does not hesitate to tell the other that he admires him. If it is sincere. Will start to say compliments, starting to like people. There are enough people that can be admired. Understanding this makes your life better, seriously! In a way, that investments in other people. You will praise them today sincerely, the same thing can get tomorrow. Or not to get.

On the other hand, recognition implies that you don’t gossip behind other people. It is generally low.

7. Sympathy and assistance in the review itself

Sometimes people around us don’t just need support, and additional support for reflection. People annoyed or upset about something, he comes to those who are dear to him to understand the situation. «I» is one point of view, but often we need someone else to understand who we are and why we do something.

Sometimes people do something special, for example, suddenly freaking out, angry, often they are angry not at you but at a situation. Instead of screaming at them and twist at the temple, calm down and let them save face. Generally the idea is to cool man, to reassure him and give him to save face without compromising the situation, the best idea that could come to your mind. No need to get defensive position and dip of a human face in the dirt, be above it, but don’t get cocky!

8. Tenderness and attention

Be gentle and compassionate towards others. Don’t push them, just give them enough light and love, coupled with the opportunity to grow in a natural way.

Ultimately, how far you go in life depends on your desire to be useful to the young, to be able to respect the old who deserve it. To be able to share the pain, to support others and to be tolerant of those weaker than us or stronger than most.

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