What distinguishes «life» from «existence»?

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It seems to be similar concepts, but this is not so, man. «Life» is not what «existence» and the latter would do well constantly to avoid. How to do it, and what life in General is different from existence?

1. Anyone who lives, appreciates the great people, friends and worthwhile things

You lived a great people who created something, opened and improved your life. They should appreciate, is to learn to feel sincere respect to them along with a sense of gratitude to loved ones. But love can not be, remember this!

2. To be able to forgive

This is a good article.

3. Do not attempt to impersonate another person

No need to hide behind thousands of different images, dissolving in them. Be who you are, but for starters try to figure out where you are, in fact, among these emotions. Ask yourself the question: what kind of person am I that I love that I love who I am in this world? Leave out all the rest. Received is you. Listen to the advice of others, but priority consider their opinion, because it is more suited to you.

3. Listen to what tells you your inner voice

The intuition is for each person. If it is silent, there is always the voice of logic. If he is silent, he found already to speak at least some of these men, who live in you. It just so happens that we have our own path alone, we do not have permanent companions who in this way come with us hand in hand until the end. It’s a shame, but it is. Our only companions — logic and intuition. Most often, what they say, best for you. Learn to listen to them, friend. But not wishful thinking.

4. To learn how to safely refers to the changes in your life

Good change is great, experienced and pleasant. Bad changes that we didn’t kill the experience and the possibility in the distant future to tell the grandkids funny and instructive story. The key is to learn them to respond correctly. Happened bad you should fix it and not blame all around.

5. Choose relationships wisely

When bro don’t pick the girl with the light of sympathy, and does it intelligently, his life becomes much more like life than to exist. There is no need to rush, wait for true love and look how it changes under the impact of various difficulties. A good friend always adds liveliness to you and your life.

6. Bear with me to those who really loves and cares about you

Ungrateful to be bad, why should you be ungrateful to those who gives you love? No need, mate!

7. Respect yourself

We must respect yourself. And love. Because you love the girl that makes you jealous, like their parents, who can you not understand? So falling in love with yourself. And don’t be so disappointed for different reasons. The best love is to wish for the best: the girl, the body, education and future. Invest in the future!

8. By the way, about investing

Do things that you yourself say in the future thank you. For example, quit Smoking. Or go to the gym, or to approach that beautiful girl. Or change job. In short, invest in the future.

9. Learn to enjoy moments and be grateful for what you do not get into trouble

Good moments need to be remembered, not so much. You also need to realize that your problems are not the worst problem in the world. It is a fact, that knowledge enough to not complain, to put up with the shortcomings of life.

10. Learn how to have fun

You should always find time to play very different plan. Sometimes in all seriousness the guys absolutely do not have time for themselves. Even to eat no time! And it’s serious. But time for yourself is vital to find, and you can go crazy. It is also necessary to alternate between quiet and active activities. This is extremely important. First, under heavy load you have lost taste to life. Secondly, you need to reboot. So the evening definitely if you ever took an hour or two for yourself.

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