What did we learn from Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2015_KttuGRbbL5KVtThis film has suffered a complete financial collapse, grossed a measly 7 million with a budget of 23 million. But this did not prevent him from becoming a cult. Classic buddy movie (a film about friends-friends), which was the last for don Johnson and Mickey Rourke before a long period of dormancy, and drug dependence. If you really want a sad smile to ride a bike and to go with the beauty in decay. I don’t care that you have no bike, no girl. The film is very inspiring, even despite the huge number of cliches and mistakes. We don’t care, this film taught us a lot, and every time reviewing it, I receive a huge pleasure.


Want to play Billiards for fun remember five rules.

1. Always play with a cigarette in his mouth.

2. Before hurl it to learn the table.

3. Rubs a pool cue. As it should. Before each shot.

4. Never gamble if you can’t pay.

5. If lost, stay with dignity. Be a man.


The cigarette does not mean that a person smokes. Marlboro that whole movie thumb in his mouth a cigarette, is proof of this. Sodden filters threatened to disintegrate, and lit it once and it was woman driven.


A unique recipe of biker omelet. Take whatever is in the fridge, throw into the pan. Since the film is American, instead of butter use a circle and put on the improvised stove is enough to burn bread in the toaster until the point where it will begin to break out in flames. Bon appetit!


If a trustworthy bloke, despite your coolness, it takes you girl, take his motorcycle. Equivalent exchange. If you’re not interested in two-wheeled friend, experienoe everything he wants: his honor, his phone, his apartment. Go easy so not cool.



Friends need to help. No matter how bad you got it and what idiots your friends are. They are able to help to Rob the van and gently cook the omelette for Pepsi.


If you smile one of the many Baldwin brothers, expect trouble. Well, except for Alec, of course. But to understand who of them is Alec, who is Daniel, who Steven is quite difficult. So beware all at once.


If you dress like a cowboy-gay, and wear my hair like Gogol, you’re probably incredibly tough. Did you turn the language to call Marlboro gay? No, he’s a cowboy. A normal cowboy, but not in your Brokeback mountain.


If the fate of the villain or an enemy-paskuda backed you into a corner, so you have two choices: either pray, or think of something. Even if they seem too crazy. Still you will not fall, even if the firing time is from three trunks from a distance of 15 metres. So you can be calm.


From whatever height you jumped in the pool, whatever part of the body you don’t enter the water, you still will be enough big chances to survive. However, it is likely that this rule is valid only in the hotels of Las Vegas.


If you got their greedy hands two and a half million dollars, don’t forget to repay debts no matter how cool you are. Even if it has a pathetic 62 of the ruble (or whatever the dollar is now).



Everywhere and always remember what you told your old father. Regardless of how he left this world gaven or not. Honor your father. The philosophy of Marlborough entirely based on the advice of his father. Perhaps it is, in the language of the film, «saved their Asses».


Another wisdom that said the old father of Marlborough, before gaven to leave this world.»

Never run after a women and buses. Still can not catch up.


«Better to die, but to feel safe than live and worry.»

The Marlboro Man


Any business can wait if you need to fuck someone. Harley is a guarantee. Just don’t forget to leave a lady should be strictly under the «Dead or alive» Bon Jovi. So cooler.


The trigger is not a member, it is necessary gently to press. Do not pull, do not iron, do not masturbate, but just to push. Can not remember what this movie is about, but remember this is a textbook rule does not.

«Damn it, Harley, just pull the trigger!»


You should not take up arms, if it is too big for you.


Always protect your «shop» your house, your loved ones, even if they meet you after a long separation, massacre and questions: «Why are you here?!»


Save on the bullets. Each bullet costs as much as $ 2. In the end, it makes no sense to shoot if you can destroy your enemy by using a good chroma key.

Robert of Marlborough: «you Know, every bullet and every shot from a pistol worth $ 2».

Harley Davidson: «How long have I been filled?»

Robert of Marlborough: «12 bucks, but the result is zero. I shot one and spent a 4.25».



Robert of Marlborough, «Well. One you killed. How do you feel?»

Harley Davidson: «for the First time so well spent 12 dollars.»


Never under any circumstances do not touch the old cowboy boots! In the end, he can help you out with your trusworthy at the crucial moment.


It never hurts to think about life.

Marlboro: «Sam-where have you been?»

Harley: «Motorcycles repaired. In one hole near Dallas.»

Marlboro: «two years?»

Harley: «I once thought.»

Marlboro: «Two years?»

Harley: «On the life of thought».


Advice from an old dad, before he left this world gaven» #5:

«Good girl, push the legs will not!»


Perhaps we should only live one day. In any case, after this film begin this sacred trust.

Virginia: «you Know, Harley, in a sense, I even envy you».

Harley: «why would it?»

Virginia: «People plow all his life as a curse, and you live for today and regret nothing».


Leather coats can be bulletproof, whatever nonsense you think I did that fact. So, aim brothers Baldwin in the head.


The stores are always such a wonderful fresh delicious air… But only two of asshole and the atmosphere is hopelessly flawed.


This film told us a great way to earn some money just to be an asshole that every time you pay for 5 cents, when you put «smelly» gun to the head.


Chasing motorcycles, will not accidentally cut green transactions. Otherwise there can be unpleasant consequences. Although to get the advice of the old cowboy more dangerous.


Importantly, teaches the film is that true friendship is stronger than anything. It can even destroy a major Bank with all its security service. Moreover, it justifies everything: murder and robbery. But hell, no matter how stupid sometimes it was not this movie, this does not negate its incredible brilliance. Probably, need.

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