What could modern man learn in outdated Indian

Not only to drink «fire water» so to cut the scalps. Although in some cases, both skills may seem extremely useful. For example, in moments Sunday morning when the wall does not abate the neighbor’s drill. However, the Indian people are patient, interesting and very diverse. We will not take the example of hot southern guys like the Aztecs – they are too contradictory to follow, but the tribes of North America – at the time.

Of course, the concept of «Indian» has long overgrown with myths and tinsel. Too much has been taken about them, too much has been said about them or written. Watched movies with Gojko Mitic? Before they were terribly popular, although the films were not Hollywood. Now, American Indian films with Gojko liked, but the actor himself in one of his latest interviews (Yes, he’s still alive!) talked about the fact that the Indians see in his movies («Apache», «the Falcon’s Trail», «White Wolves») is not itself real, and themselves in the ideal. You know? They see themselves as strong, fair, see those as they could be. This is generally the essence of any Western, and especially American. This genre loves absolute value. The characters don’t require serious analysis, because all is clear: where the hero and where’s the bastard who empathize, and who to hate.

And totally luxurious books written in those years when the development of America the white man was still in force. The frontier moved westward slowly, but surely, leaving behind tons of spilled blood and sweat of miners. In fact, and pilgrims could learn, because it is they, the conquerors and builders of new cities, not Indians that take positions. However, time destroys any society, and our task is to preserve something useful that was offered to the vanquished. And the Indians actually can give us some practical tips that positively will affect us, people of completely different cultural formations, a different civilizational path.

In General, try to move away from the books and films, concentrating on those real things that you can borrow. Of course, not to deny popular culture we have does not work, but we’ll try.

Between the spiritual and material choose the spiritual

If something doesn’t Ghost, it’s something — it’s not Indian.

– Wisdom of the modern Sioux Spirituality in the understanding of Indian spirituality in the understanding of our beloved officials are somewhat different from each other. But if we talk about the fans of bows, feathers and hunting Buffalo, they are the capitalist way of life for a large segment of time was alien. They simply could not understand. Traditionally, the Indians were engaged in hunting, gathering, most of them do not lead a sedentary life. The tribes moved with the migrating animals, which gave them everything they need: fur, meat, skin. The mind of the Indian was only one important thing, namely self-improvement, in terms of mind and body.

Educating children is a matter of life

For us, ninety percent of life is raising children in the right spirit! The Indians clearly know what is good and what is bad. My ancestors taught me to distinguish one from the other. For Indian family the most important thing to teach children. In this case, in the world there is no room for evil, because people know how to behave with each other.

– Matthew king, the spiritual leader of the Oglala tribe –Education is a delicate matter, and Russia decided to translate this is education for anything, but only not on their shoulders. Parents blame the Internet, computer games, government, schools, sports clubs that their child grows a dick. In the very same time little, and no relevant skills. Not everyone can teach good therefore not every parent can teach something good and useful. And from this many problems. On the one hand, we have complete irresponsibility of the parents, on the other hand, we have parents who have no idea about how affect their children’s future. The Indians, of course, are not the best teachers in the world, but they have their own position, which would be able to put down roots in Russian soil. The purpose of education is not to ensure «future-fed» and in teaching a particular view of the world, where honor, goodness and devotion to continue to thrive.

Harmonious with nature, not destroy

The Indians considered themselves not conquerors of nature, but a part of the natural world, to destroy which is meant to infringe on the basis of life itself. The life of the tribe was primarily a device to the world that found expression in religion and myths, which gave a reasonable explanation of life and all combined. Problems such as «find yourself» or to unravel the meaning of life, before the Indian was not.

– W. Moquin and Charles van Doren, the American philosophers, a White male was always the conqueror, and it is this feature provided by our civilization dominance in the world. But what effect does it have in our time, all right? Should I continue to use nature to his own pleasure or, perhaps, is to listen to her? Quite a complex question, which beat many famous people, poets and philosophers of the last hundred years. I am not inclined to dramatize about the environmental situation in the world, but if you live in the city, you might like to penetrate Indian wisdom, often being out in nature and respectful attitude toward it. Perhaps if each family goes on a picnic over the city, I thought about it, we would not see the trash pile in the woods and broken bottles.

The earth is than you are

Despite their nomadic nature, the earth, the Indians were respectful, and at the moment they have long settled. The earth is actually the basis of modern Indian philosophy, because for her they cling, trying to challenge and leave behind. Unlike other conquered peoples, they have the right to a part of it. We are referring to the RES, which is actually not as small as we thought. For example, the largest Indian reservation, Navajo nation, covers an area of 67 thousand kilometers squared. Ireland occupies about the same space. In the Navajo Nations has its own police, their own judges, their own rules. For example, banned the sale of alcohol. In General, each tribe trying to secure the sacred meaning of natural objects that were on its territory.

You can translate American Indian concerns the earth on us? Perhaps, after all, the modern Russian person to the infirm and maternity homes, which were somewhere in the Outback, not only disrespectful but also short-sighted. That’s part of their own history, which in our reality is destroyed immediately after generation. No continuity, leaving only the feet and bed. If you are a traveler, Yes, of course, it should be.

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