What converts people after University

Recently one of my bro got married. Returning home the next morning after the bachelor party, I could not help thinking about life. He remembered how in his student years: it was easy for us to communicate with each other, we had half an hour to laugh at the menu in the cafe, choosing what we eat «because we are just cool». Then we were just cool, we had fun, but after prom all as if he had ceased to be themselves. Someone stopped being himself, because he did not give rest to someone else’s success: he wanted too. Anybody lost for good five minutes after they found a job. It’s like someone is quite mad in this mad race for money and success and completely ceased to care about who he shove with their elbows on the way to their goal. And all those people who have ceased to resemble its former self, I was even able to classify. Basically, here’s what can become your friends and friends after receiving the coveted degree.

1.A busy man

office worker

«I was very busy — a constant excuse about a quarter of your former sokursnikov. Ask them how they’re doing what they’re doing or their opinion that at the North pole, polar bears are dying — regardless of the issue, you will pour a flood of complaints, how many things they have to do and they have nothing on time. Look at these dudes: they have children, they grow bellies, shirts on the spot, they work, don’t know any copywriters in an advertising Agency. And I want to say this, bro, «Why are you so busy, man? The fact that trying to feel better and trying to forget that this life someday will end? Convince yourself that you live better than others at this celebration of life?» The only reason people can be really busy — that is, if he’s got a lot of young children. In all other cases you’re not busy, and only serves busy. So if you’re one of those guys, at least change the red icon in the im on green: you’ve had time to change it to red so you can and basically have time for such things.

2.Graduate student


Similar to a busy man. When you ask him what he plans to do this weekend, he resignedly replied: «Teach.» And if you don’t plan for the weekend something unusual, for example, to arrange a carnival or to teach the robot how to do the offspring, the aspirant even to hear wants nothing about partying. All graduate student says that he was a graduate student. He thinks it impresses girls. And then there’s this old story about his «diser» (man, does he not understand that it is not cool to say «diser», this «vyser»?) — he thinks all is very interesting to hear his boring crap. Postgraduate study can be regarded as a prolonged student: you still can dream about the future that lies ahead, everything is familiar and established in the rut.



The complete opposite of busy guy, and PhD — but maybe even worse. Its like I don’t care what we have to get a job. It’s almost admirable, but there is one «but»: here is his excited whisper that he tells you something, the value of which is reduced to approximately the following phrase: «I’ll do that, then you’ll understand that I’m a genius». Dreamer thinks that he is not like everyone else, such a unique snowflake that everyone’s going to see. He writes so many tweets, always post your next bright idea Vkontakte, attack his ideas. He quotes Kerouac (something about fireworks) and forget that the writer, for a second, died young from alcoholism. Dreamer thinks that God will take and will put an inspiration in his head, not allowing even the thought that it is the result of persistent and hard work. He’s afraid to start something to do, because it can lead to failure. But if he continues vomiting you about my ideas while holed up and not going to work, in this failure, he still sure.

On the other hand, these guys always «eat Cho».

4.Married guy

married guy

Previously, he was the king of parties, and now something unintelligible mutters about mortgages. He married at 22, and now too much asking you about your random links. If he drinks, or begins more rapidly to mumble, or dashing to dance. You always know in advance his plans for the weekend: he goes with his wife to the cinema, to the restaurant, why don’t you watch some weird porn, which will never tell his wife. In his apartment, heard only the cold of forks banging on the dinner plates, which echoes the wonder of your friend and his wife — why they married so early and will be able to ever be happy again together. But don’t worry, as soon as they baby comes, everything will work out.

5.Depressed girlfriend


This girl hasn’t met her future husband — and you know it. And you know she didn’t answer her texts that she’s «not a fan of serious relationships» that she can’t decide good or bad to have sex on the first date. She is going to call himself old, even if she’s 23. This girl wants to get a dog, although she already has a cat, she hates wedding photos Vkontakte. She hates it when hooking up with girls but can’t stand that no one is coming to her. She will tell you at the party, and then burst out laughing, and, Oh my God, is it awkward for you!

6.Party monster

party animal

No one is happy as this guy! His real work starts on Friday evening when every week he tries to spend the best weekend in my life. He is constantly lost on some concerts, parties and even for children’s birthdays, and then is saved from a severe hangover, getting drunk a lot in the next bar. All this is because now he is experiencing his best years» — and will never let you forget it — by the way, why don’t you hang out as often as he? Have fun with it at the same time and cool, and very hard. But there is one thing you do not know about it: in other days of the week it suppresses the fear of the onset of a respectable age and total inability to finally pull myself together. He’s afraid to ask yourself: «When’s the party?»

Note: typically, party-monster and married the guy don’t like each other, mostly because I’d like to change places.

7.Guy with a strange sense of humor

weird guy

This type constantly interrupts other people’s conversations, and no one understands his jokes. Sifco he dumped you — you were ashamed when you opened it at work! But if it offers the options of parties, they are so furious that the second time you do not turn up.

8.Small-town show-businessman

Perhaps one of your friends began to organize in your city, concerts, exhibitions and any cultural events, psychological trainings — in short, another public folly. This is probably the worst option of all. He will call you on all your events, to attack regular invitations and requests ReportNet something there Vkontakte. And he thinks that he is a very interesting and creative person, so all communication with him usually boils down to talking about what he’s doing.

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