What clothes not to wear to the gym?

Gym is the best place to see the full ad in terms of clothes: people dress up what they had. Generally fun to see what combinations of clothes and accessories for training (gloves, wristbands, hats) come up with people who attend the gym. Sometimes it is possible to meet girls in expensive tracksuits brand of acid staining, but from the top designers, but ladies wear galoshes on his bare feet. Guys this plan is no better, believe me, man. Today we will tell you about the stupid fashion trends in gyms to make you feel ashamed, friend.


From the variety of footwear it is necessary to highlight the shoes that you should not wear to the gym. First, it is not any athletic shoes. In the gym I not only saw bro in cowboy boots, in all other types of footwear seen. We do not build of itself the connoisseurs of fashion. So you could say that its «Buy good shoes» we promote the culture of consumption, but it is actually much easier. Good sports shoes is a guarantee of comfort and, most importantly, safe. First and foremost, good cushioning shoes will protect your joints in the legs. As a person with a bad knee will tell you what the problem with the joints is a pain in the ass. Second, it is convenient. And thirdly, less load on the spine and qualitative growth in training.

Do not take shoes bright acid colors and shades, even if it is really convenient. First, in bright green sneakers you look like a clown, and secondly, the dirt on them will be much more noticeable. The Velcro is also excluded. Where do you now find shoes with Velcro? On the market? At the «39»? You have to control the way the shoes wraps around your feet, which is much easier to do with good old laces. Besides the dirt, hair and other rubbish will stick to the Velcro, it will break, and your shoes gets quite dirty.


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Lately in the gym began to appear in dudes pants to bodybuilding v shape. Of course, I know that bodybuilders and jocks have their own subculture with its own norms of behavior, language and clothing. We respect these people, man. But if your weight is not 130 pounds of real muscle, if you don’t eat protein every day in abundance by the rules of consumption of protein and thickness of your biceps is about the same as the thickness of the thigh of an ordinary man, how would you not want to, but you do not belong to this subculture, and your attempts to become closer to her fail miserably. In addition, some bro worsen your appearance by wearing this kind of pants are just killer coloring. Better instead to use the old and good sports loose (not fitting) pants.

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T-shirts and tank tops

A serious mistake most bro — white t-shirt, which quickly shaped yellowish then in the armpits. The same garbage happens with black shirts, but they are at least not so clearly visible. That is why white Mike is full of shit, throw it out and buy yourself the dark. The second serious error — fashionable tank tops for wrestlers, body-hugging and off the shoulder. Sometimes they can see your Breasts and nipples. I need to explain why these clothes are bad clothes? If you don’t have really impressive muscles, you should not wear tight-fitting t-shirt and clothing with the maximum number of open places. Of course, I understand that you want to see results. This is the perfect solution: come home and look at yourself in the mirror. The thin guy with no muscles in clothing duck looks shabby.

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Ideal — black shirt-free, not hugs. Fabric — cotton, not rayon, not silk, not synthetic — only breathable cotton. You can more or less loose tank top, if only your biceps allow you to wear it.

And that is: leave the phone in the locker, and it hurts irritate you, call!

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