What challenges will you face moving to the big city

Have big cities, one feature is to lure in neon glitter perspectives and tart flavor possibilities for all inhabitants of the smaller towns. All why-that consider themselves ready and able to conquer the harsh urban, but in reality it turns out completely different.

We’re not trying to talk you out of moving to the big city and forced to withdraw into the village on the edge of the world, man, we just offer you to think again, to assess their strength and to prepare for the move better. All dream after uni to go to Peter, and then complain that the city does not accept them.

In the city there is no space, all in a cage

Psychologists (not just those who worked in the garden and after tests, told your parents that you’re sick and normal) argue that habits of the inhabitants of towns and cities vary greatly. Just look at the handshake: a city dweller, accustomed to live in close quarters, walk through the narrow streets to squeeze through the crowd in the subway and early to rise, early to grandma, mom, dad and three siblings to go to the toilet, holds out his hand delicately and gently presses down on her, not waving a claw. A villager, who is accustomed to space, exercise, and a lot of space, makes a wide swing and firmly.

But over time, attacks have to leave. With many habits, and most importantly — attitude. It used to be said that the city smells of freedom, now it probably smells like tightness and compactness. The town itself is large, in some cases huge, but only if you look at him from the roof. In other cases, you feel the tightness in all aspects: sitting in a small cage called a removable room, making his way to the exit in a cramped bus, etc. Crushed gray walls ugly Soviet panel of freaks, the monotonous grayness of sleeping areas, polluted air, sticky and oppressive smog hanging over the top of a steel sky, which is, I think, you can reach out a hand all it makes many adventurers to turn around and go away. After all, some suffocating in the cramped and eternal crush.

Great features, but in small quantity

There is a common belief that the larger the city and the more opportunities the worse its people. In fact, opportunities are not many, as it may seem, and the «Golden places for creativity», for which thousands of students dream of quitting conditional Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Khabarovsk to relocate to Peter, not so much, even so, quite a bit. And candidates in the dark as to the budget places in Universities. If you will succeed, in Leningrad, you’re one of the few, and in Cherepovets — the unique and the first poet in the village. Gone are the days when the Leningrad and the Moscow rock easily accepted in the ranks of colored Ural guys and Ufa bearded poets.

And it’s not just creative people, to take into account the ordinary workers of the same offices. All dream to come and settle in a large firm, forgetting that large firms are not so many, our ability is very limited. There are smaller firms, but pay them the same as in his native town, and the prices are much higher. That’s why people in the city angry, nervous and unfriendly. The city gives birth to ambition, the city provokes throw out all the human shit. And when the city dweller sees another visitor, he sees it as not a little scared and ambitious young man, as he was 5 years ago, and grinning a predator who is just waiting for the moment to take his chances out in people. The city is not made of rubber, and they all rod. So is his hatred of all other cities.

The benefits of a big city are a lot of money

Porada.kom.ua_5.11.2016_h6PS9Gj1teYN7The larger the city the higher the salary. But costs are increasing with almost every extra kilometer. It turns out that for rent and food will have a lot to give, and will remain meaningless pennies. And not the fact that you get to get to the top urban urban chain.

Still a lot of fun intentions to «leave this shit away.» You can go, but know that if the pocket no bushy wads of money, it is unlikely to get to live in beautiful places. Sleeping areas and the suburbs look the same everywhere it is sad and depressing. And in the city go for an active and beautiful life happening, forgetting that you need money for that. Plus, not enough patience to get from the outskirts, and with two transfers, to the nearest entertainment oasis.

City — evil force

To live, as they say, is very, very harmful. In principle harmful. Someone who lives 100 years in the city, and someone dies at 50 from cancer, lived all his life outdoors. But after all not without reason spoke German from «Brother-2»: «City of evil force. Strong comes in and becomes weak.» Big city as an anthill, which is easy to get lost and unknown to disappear. Around pump temptations available around the vices and riotous crime in its worst manifestations. The city quickly tames to yourself, making you the most «loathsome creature» in the worst sense of the word. The weak will become stronger, but if on the contrary — it please it indefinitely. If you don’t know your blood incompatibility with a flourishing metropolis, it is likely that NAP under the cover of ambitions complexes will reveal itself outside like cold sweat in moments of anxiety, and then out perform the frustration and apathy. Be ready.

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