What causes the nerd way of life

manygoodtips.com_24.03.2016_sAgKW9LQ6S8DrThe life of the computer, life is beautiful online when it is in moderation. To be a geek in something cool temperate nerd even useful, and spending time on the computer too. And if you’re working and then resting, much more. Should be some diversity. But when the computer begins life, it’s like a mutation of a lush rosy-cheeked hobbit to Gollum. You have three very serious problems.

Health problems

Let’s start with the worst item. Sperm quality is greatly degraded from the constant radiation. While you decant it, looking at the beautiful priestesses of pornography, you know your sperm is dead, there is no potential children. They are inactive, they have disrupted the structure of chromatin. However, it should be said that more harm is caused by still mobile radiation, so beware of the phone like fell in a public bath soap.

It seems the computer does not have any physical activity, but the consequences for the joints can be very serious. So, due to the long work at the computer may cause carpal tunnel syndrome, that is nerve damage to the hands. For example, if during printing the fingers felt tingling or even worse – numb, it’s time to sound the alarm. Forearm and starts to hurt and shamelessly swelling. And all of the unnatural position of the hands and repetitive movements when typing. You, of course, not amputated, but in the worst case, you will have to have surgery. So you need to take a break.

Due to the unnatural postures have pain in my neck and lower back stuff is not very pleasant.

Well, no way to avoid such classics as the problem of head direction. The overexertion of the eye muscles, dry eye and other delights up to the vagueness of the images is guaranteed. Even if you constantly wipe the monitor with a cloth, set it on a distance of 40 cm, the eyes will still be felt.

Psychological problems

manygoodtips.com_24.03.2016_lpyC9vLUlRNtvOne may argue, try to convince yourself, but this way of life really pulls out of reality and planted feeble flesh on the thick needle addiction. Minutes spent at the computer, become meaningless and purposeless, and so you sit there forever, even when not necessary. Replacement of live communication online does not lead to anything good. A look at life through the prism of the monitor kills socialization, pulling out of the rut, because of Bitarov with owls constantly heard snotty whining that «Chan is not necessary,» «all around the redneck». Maybe it’s not they trash, and you do not know how to communicate? Maybe you can’t get along with people, because the interests in the Internet and real life are two different things?

Of course, this is not necessary among these people is quite adequate, tasted love, a carefree happy life and friendship. But these people do not live, not looking up from the monitor.

In the end, life outside of reality leads to hakansta and chikanta to depression in two steps. You can as many deny it, but sooner or later begin to suspect the futility of his existence and terribly stressed out about it. But can’t do anything – developing a purposeless addiction, mindless consumption of information.

Behavioral problems

In fact, bicardi, chickeny, owls and other heresy with his philosophy – this is the sad phase of the transformation of Homo sapiens into Homo zadroticus. Pseudointellectualism, senseless axioms, which zapolnyaetsya network, life for the lulz» and the endless force of shit and live by the principle: «Want to get clean – shit on the other.» You think it’s witty, but actually from the outside it looks very, very sorry. In fact, the main problem is that all attempts to justify their behavior and give it importance only cause laughter. Seriously no one will take. You’re not a person, you can’t be, parodying canonical model of behavior. And let you read the writings of Kropotkin and was once a popular personality, now it is not so.

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