What can you expect if you love to strike

What can you expect if you love to strike

Revolution is always a double – edged sword. In my youth, this theme seems wonderful, you find any opportunity to get into trouble, strongly provoking the authorities. Later you all this shit just bored, or you’re disappointed in those leaders of public opinion who believed. Then suddenly you realize that the Dalai Lama is not so stupid, just stays out of it.

If you are one of those who in the body is still boiling hot blood, then you should know about rather unpleasant things faced by revolutionaries all over the world, wherever they were. Lower monetary fines, confiscation of property, prison and banal death. The police, she is no clear need to kill anyone would not, therefore, have developed some striking techniques against a frenzied crowd. Perhaps in the future you list something to help, something will stop or just warn.

1. Stick on the face

A COP poked him with the tip of the baton on the forehead. There was a crack. Dunno been struck by an electric current, so much so that sparks flew from his eyes, his head buzzed, and he staggered, unable to stay on his feet. Grabbing the dummy by the collar, the officer began to fumble in his pockets and nothing in them when he found they dragged him through the crowd that started to gather around.

Dunno on the moon, Nikolai Nosoveasy as ABC. It is considered non-lethal weapons. The design of the baton varies according to several parameters: thickness, material, weight, length. Once they were made of wood, but now prefer to use rubber or a synthetic polymer material.

But don’t be fooled. To get a baton in the face from some hurt the lives of the policemen hardly anyone will want. Especially when you consider that these sticks can contain a metal rod or tube through which the rolling steel balls. For what is often used to disperse the demonstration, dubbed the «democratizers.»

2. Tear gas

Spraying of tear gas is one of the most elegant ways to end the riots. Is the weapon of nonlethal action, it can be a big problem the revolutionary asthma. In fact it is a chemical weapon that is prohibited by international agreements. However, protesters quickly prosekli this chip, and the most competent of them are often used tear gas against the servants of the law, as we have seen in some countries. In addition, there are also masks which are available and fairly inexpensive. However, this is unlikely to affect the popularity of tear gas. With it’s simple, you can fill them whole blocks – and voila! – tear-stained revolutionaries are sitting quietly at home. In General, when you throw dudes in a Molotov cocktail, then get back a good portion of irritating chemicals you are not so unexpected.

3. Stun grenades

They usually like to apply the Greeks, always on strike and always gain credits. The birthplace of many political ideologies, after all. The police do not scruple to throw into the crowd a couple of stun grenades. Generally, this thing is not so safe. But blinding, stun, grenade can injure a person with their pieces. Some of them did, is equipped with rubber buckshot. Known even fatalities, and for children the risk of fatality increases significantly. But she hardly ever refuses, too convenient a weapon that is efficient. Special forces use stun grenades to capture the enemy alive, even in counterterrorism operations.

So, here is what you can feel, when you’ve got some fed will throw a flash-Bang grenade:

– Blinding to 30 seconds. The brightness of the garnets is in the range of 2.5-7.5 million Candela.

– Hearing loss up to 6 hours. The sound level varies from 165 to 185 dB.

– Blast wave. Garnet still has a special pyrotechnic composition, and momentum is powerful enough to have a damaging impact on soft human tissue.

– Pressure. A dangerous thing, range 22-36 kPa can cause damage to the inner ear.

– Injuries from splinters. Well, everything is clear: bruises, hematomas, etc.

4. Plastic balls

Make them from solid plastic, but this does not mean that they can kill a man. At close distances is even possible.

For the first time plastic bullets were introduced in Northern Ireland. For the first ten years of the use of plastic bullets killed 15 people, and several hundred were seriously injured. One may argue about the correctness of the actions of the British police, but it’s still better than the use of these cartridges, and in response the British were explosions and killing from the good old IRA.

Now they like to use for demonstrations in the middle East. Very popular, they are Israelis and Turks. In General, the thing is obviously unpleasant.

5. Water cannons


First water cannons for the purpose of the crackdown was applied in Germany in the early 1930-ies. In General, the content of water cannon outrageously simple: strong water pressure throws the offenders in different directions. The weapon is not lethal, although no one is protected from concussion of the brain, if the pressure is very strong, because it can throw you a few meters. Now water cannons are used more and more often, especially popular in Eastern Europe to protect borders from the influx of Syrian refugees. Sometimes we used against football fans for example.

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