What can we lie on first dates

first date

How honest can you be Dating? Between a lie and the nedogovarivanie yet there is a difference, especially when it comes to relationships between a man and a woman. When you go on a date with a girl, which you said you don’t have anyone, and he is currently live with someone, it automatically makes you a liar. If you go on a date with a girl and not telling in detail about his recent breakup, it doesn’t make you a liar. You don’t have to disclose so much personal information. Even if she asks, how did you end your last relationship, you have the right to dismiss it: «this isn’t quite right, but I won’t trouble you with the details» — and then change the subject. First date is chemistry: are you trying to get to know each other better and assess whether you have sufficient interest to each other for the next meeting.

The most useless date in which I was — that’s where the girl started to tell me that her ex cheated on her, and how he was an asshole. If the girl managed to please me and I would have met her a few times, I sympathized with her. But on the first date, man? Too much information. After that, I just didn’t want to meet her.

The problem with pereizbytochen information that it is scary. When you’re on a first date, you’re talking about his family, about his friends, about himself. In General, you understand: some of the topics on the first date you need to avoid:

1. Your uncertainty

We all not sure, and someday it will surface. And that’s fine. But if you’re trying to impress a woman, you need to think of you as strong and capable small and not overly emotional dude who needs help.

2. Your past

A woman wants to know about you and not about the cruel-hearted woman who broke your heart. Girlfriend on the first date does not want to know about your past problems, your childhood fears, about how you scored the most decisive goal in a school match: this will make you think that you live in the past. But the past is already gone, and she, here and now.

3. Money

A dude who was chewing snot, kills the mood. The guy who chews the snot on the subject of money or lack thereof is absolutely pathetic. What thoughts impel your arguments on the financial question, when you on the first date? First, that you are obsessed with money. Or do you work a lot, or do you want to sit back and earn money. Secondly, you meanie. If you’re continuously bombarded with information on coupon sites, on how and where to save, how great you could have saved and bought a double supply of food during happy hours, she won’t like it. Suddenly you’re in the future, start saving on it?

What questions always need to be honest:

1. If you have kids

Of course, women want to have offspring, so it is unlikely that they will spend time on ardent hater of children. However, if you already have a couple of rug rats, she won’t be happy if you decide to hide the information. It’s not a mole, wart and not some other physiological feature. People who are not separable from you.

2. Your future

To have the desire and ambition are cool, women love dudes with a future. Because if you spit on everything and you’re nothing in life don’t want, then she realizes you have nothing to catch. No one wants to be around a man who plans to end life to soak, a crust of bread in boiling water.

3. Marital status

Hostess note: «broke» is not «divorced». It means «still married». Women shy away from married men, for obvious reasons: cherish your strength and nerves, not wanting to try for a guy who is already busy.

And remember: lying is not cool, but a little mystery is always good.

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