What can we learn from the true, cruel and cynical knights

manygoodtips.com_13.10.2016_oBX1pcMTa4cL5Everyone already knows that the knight is no smell of roses and incense valiant warrior with the eternally youthful manly face, clad in armor and riding on a white horse. It was smelling of sweat, dirt and horse aromas of unpleasant species of blood-thirsty despot, who thinks about how to make money. By the way, contrary to popular belief, in armor, the knights didn’t poop. Ask any Reconstructor, and he will explain how you can manage to relieve themselves outside. Moreover, in tankopodobnye armor they chained themselves not as often as commonly believed, and put them before the fight.

Well and God with it, with need, those described in the sagas about king Arthur and medieval poems of the young people who spent weeks in prayer and in suffering for the beautiful lady, sharply differed from the originals, smack, burp and laid his Mace on Christian morality, killed people, got married on the calculation, and did not hesitate to mass rape. But even with this way of life, and they have a lot to learn.

Knight was physically fit

Try to wave a sword polutoralitrovym Appenines or under the hot Iberian sun the day after a long transition absolutely bumpy road a few kilos of armor. Most likely, you call mom and ask her to get you out of here as quickly as possible, but the knight had no chance, and it is clear — he was going to earn. And it needed great physical strength.

Let’s give discreet charm of the skepticism, and consider that in actual fact, the knights, clad in armor, was portrayed more often in the engravings, but in fact wore them rarely, and except for tournaments (because the cost of this outfit as hundreds of peasants, and not all the soldiers were millionaires). More common was chain mail or armor of leather with metal naklepkami is not as difficult as armor, but also weighs a lot. Plus the sword was not the most effective weapon, especially when armor became more powerful.

Mace stun was more effective axe pierced the armor is much better on the Mace, axe and hammer and say nothing. In addition, if a knight fought against knight, it is much more profitable to stun the poor man, then to ask for a ransom. All these guns were heavier, fragile sword. And let’s not forget about the shield is also not an easy thing.

Even if we take into consideration that during the campaign personal staff deprived «sir» needs in search of food, he had something to be tired. Here you tried with a spear at the ready to ride through the fields and valleys, simultaneously driving horse? It is the same.

The knight did not sit idle, fighting for fame, money and respect

manygoodtips.com_13.10.2016_GCOfKtYhjA1JUThe knight could not sit idle, but to seek adventure on the hard iron armor he had not the lofty ideals of chivalry and common need. So, your dad left you without an inheritance, giving to the eldest son of all, and you only a few shillings. You have defined a page, a few years noble knight was wiping his hands while partying your hair (a real fact, hygiene was tight).

You’ve polished his weapon, dragged him things, and then taught you the tricks of the «so-so» honest » fight and finally dedicated. And then what? Money and possessions you have, so I have to become someone else’s overlord and to throw out his testosterone on the heads of enemies, or to participate in the insanely popular tournaments. For example, if you knocked the opponent out of the saddle, it might take him prisoner and demand a ransom. Plus it was a chance to show my pretty face in front of those in power, nobles and those who want for teen guys beautiful virgins, whose snotty handkerchief and caught the winner.

And you thought it was done because of the bright ideals of a beautiful lady? Everyone needed a patron.

The war to count for a greater share was only showing courage, namely, cutting and robbing as many of the rich, taking their cups. Plus for the valor and courage (in other words, if you’ve managed to survive in the crucible of battle), for long and faithful service, in which you faithfully defended the honor and territorial claims of his master, the authorities could grant you a comfortable castle or a rich bride with a huge dowry. This was the man’s World, which was sung to James brown, so that rules them still you.

Therefore, the only chance for a landless knight to become rich, famous and successful was the active work. Messy, but worthwhile.

The main thing for knight is to be faithful

The main in the knight’s code of honor was loyalty to their Lord. Betrayal and treachery were considered for the knight of the gravest misconduct and could lead to deprivation of the rank of knight. The procedure itself is very unpleasant and looked more like a funeral. It was thought that vile knight, who refuses to help his true master when the master needs it, not worthy of the title knight. Therefore, for non-appearance in trek was to become a traitor and die. In fact, in England after its conquest by William the knights were called those who received the allotment, but did not pay the rent, he paid him for his participation in the campaigns.

So loyalty is a cornerstone of chivalry.

Knight very proud of your honor and name

Stop.com.ua_13.10.2016_bTczICqnJBpBRThe outer side of the knight culture is valued much more than the internal. Hence, the gloss of culture of chivalry, with particular attention to the ritual trappings, the symbolism of colors, objects, manners. About bodily beauty said little, because to find something good in pitted with small-pox and scars (implying valor) with rotten teeth and a beard, face with a greasy head lice jumping which was quite difficult.

Frankly, it was a great zapadlo not appear in the outfit. Clothing pinpoint on the social category and the position had her man. Wearing the wrong clothing that befits a man with his rank, was a sin of pride or, conversely, fall.

Speaking of pride: the Church proclaimed the foremost of the deadly sins, it was considered an essential dignity of a knight. It was absolutely pathetic guys for whom revenge for the insult, even if imaginary, was the law. What is Christian forgiveness? After the Pope said that the killing of infidels and forgiveness for sins (past, even knights had to seek atonement for a mortal sin), greedy for the blood and glory of the knights did not stop. Honor and enthusiasm was higher.

Knights little value on human life, their own and especially someone else’s. They used to shed blood, and the war seemed to them a natural thing. Disregard for others ‘ lives was compounded by the fact that their code of ethics knights considered it necessary to perform only within one’s own social group. In relation to the other — farmers, townspeople, merchants and the like — there was no question about some «knightly» attitude, so cut out all the inhabitants of the city was the norm.

In 1370 the French Limoges rebelled against Edward «the Black Prince». The uprising was quickly suppressed. Three French knights «the Black Prince» spare the life, taking them captive and getting a good ransom. But the inhabitants of the city, smolewski pardon received less than friendly — they are cut. Therefore, knights were often raped city girls and all who caught his excited penis.Although the defeat and captivity was considered shameful things that are much more weird was the flight from the battlefield. To calculate it is very simple — heraldry on clothes. So you had all means to prove his reputation and name.

The knight must be a versatile personality

manygoodtips.com_13.10.2016_nvfz02lWsEZ7YAlready at the end of the century graceful chivalry of the knight was required courtesy, ability to compose or even to read poetry, and even to play some musical instrument. If he was versed in the Sciences — it was just magical, because a new era, a new time, and a knight became not so much a noble soldier, how many a rich man with good land and glory.

At all times the knight had to be able to drink a lot, sit at parties, expressing respect to their Lord, and most importantly — to be able to hunt. True male entertainment, especially when the dust of previous battles has settled on the decomposition of the bodies.

The knights were disciplined and did not so unbridled as it might seem

Yes, knights had their own lawlessness, Yes, they had to Rob and steal, demanded time. So, some of them running amok, from which even the heroes of the same movie would be a shame, but the fact of the matter is that some, but not all. Let’s not forget that despite the cruelty, these were times of piety and courtesy, and the knight was not a top of the hierarchy. He had his master, on which he worked, and who possessed such power that it would be better not to embarrass. Was the Church, which in the case of what could easily chase you from her womb that was not considered a singular honor. Well, society. Sometimes, decide to rape a few peasant women, and then was horrified to learn that it is the possession of the Marshal of France, with whom to quarrel, by definition, not necessary. And it is well if he agrees to the penalty, but still before the other would be inconvenient.

Unlike the lower classes, knight could, of course, a lot of afford in their own domains, but because these possessions of his and fed, often on the verge, the number of extremists was small. Of course, where the secular and ecclesiastical lords could not take the knight’s ass, he could break away at full power, but already in the XIV century from such places there is only the possession of the Teutonic order. Was even more daring guys like the Templars, but do you remember what was done to them, and with General approval. By the way, the orders were strict hierarchy and discipline, otherwise they would not have existed for so long. The only place where the knight was plenty pobeschinstvovat, was war, because of the Convention ESN not come up, although its rules have already been.And imagine a successful campaign in which the army is not disciplined. Can’t? Because it’s just impossible. If you follow orders — this does not mean that you have dishonored, on the contrary, you are doing a paragraph on «loyalty».

The knights are well versed in Commerce and were able to earn money

How could you understand, the knights were good businessmen and knew a lot about Commerce. About the fight for life and death, unable to forget. Even if it was about a duel of honor, everyone still remembered how he had acres of land, and that he could get for the capture. There were even those knights in their armor and the shields was written, how much can you get for the capture. It gave them a chance to survive, but a month in dirty, shitty prison than eternity in Hellfire (after all, everyone knew that in heaven no one has turned). No Christian morality, only profit.

Many so-called knights were mere mercenaries, who won the money war.

In Europe they consist of many groups of self-proclaimed knights, who did not qualify for the titles, they just seized the castles and behaved like full-fledged rulers. Simply put, making money war. Some such units were more than the Royal army.

They had another funny way of earnings. If the army was large — they besieged the city and demanded a ransom for the retreat. Once such a daring troop came up to Avignon, which was at that time the papal residence, and demanded from the Viceroy of God solid compensation. Of course, they got them. There is an opinion that the Crusades were organized with this purpose — to send such «knights» away and thus to benefit from them.

But more often they’re hired to any cardinals or graphs and did all the dirty work. As sir John Hockwood the son of simple tanners, from Essex, who has become the most popular and perhaps one of the richest men of his time. He didn’t need the title, he needed the money.

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