What can we learn from the good old «Mario»

MarioIf your childhood and school years were in the nineties, you were guaranteed a game console. But if you had a console, you simply could not play «Mario» — it’s a classic, man! The mustachioed plumber — a symbol of the sweet heart of childhood with the rest of garbage like «Kukuruku», «Skittles» and multikjd Pro racer speedy and king-lion. You know, I still wonder, looking at the various idiots and bad types of how it happened: we grew up in one time, watched cartoons the same game the same hacked — how did it happen that someone grew up normal and who’s not? How these idiots could not take any lessons from childhood and become assholes? Even Mario teaches us about life. Don’t believe? Come read!

How to survive the UPS and downs

Remember how it was possible to jump from brick to brick: almost calculated and boom! — Game Over? Or those stupid shells that kill you if you don’t land on top of them? Oh-Oh-op! — Game Over. Impossible to describe the rage that you felt when it happened a disgrace. Or how excited you were when inside the building blocks with the issue was a mushroom growth. And then you, even intuitive, but understand what life is. Shit happens, and of course you’ll be angry, upset, disappointed — but you know: shit is not forever. Something will happen and everything will change. Remember grandfather said: «you can’t appreciate sunshine if it never rains». Or: «Nothing is eternal under the moon». Or: «Never married.» And grandparents — smart guys, they can be quoted forever!

Always look for a shorter path

Always, always, ALWAYS have the opportunity to take a shortcut (read: profitable outside the box and solve the problem). Of course, everyone will be angry because they themselves came up with this idea — but that’s their problem. In real life, time is money, and if you find a way to save time, use it! Extra time in the game gave you extra points in real life, the time saved gives you money. Well, or something nice. Time is a valuable thing.

Do whatever it takes to come out ahead

When you played, it doesn’t matter who is in front of you: you wanted to win at any cost. When I was playing Mario with my mom, I was not stopped even that and I used banana peel to defeat her! This is a cutthroat world and you have to do different things to achieve, and quite risky. Don’t get me wrong, man: I’m not saying you should lie, cheat and steal, you just have to assert themselves and take the initiative. In the same register and finding the shortest path.

Treat men and women equally

Incidentally, in «Mario» the other girls could kick ass kid, do not underestimate them! Friends to be taken seriously. In Super Mario Bros 2 is even the ability to play as Princess Peach is not the worst option, by the way.

The best defense is a good offense

Remember when you got a banana peel, hold «Z» and could block any shit that flies at you? Remember when you did this trick when you flew several things one by one? But skins are not enough for all the shells. But you can run the skin on the enemy and to prevent this evil. The same approach is relevant for sport, for business and for relations with women (for the most important things in the life of any guy). If you always attack, you will not need to defend ourselves. Keep moving forward and never put yourself in a vulnerable position.

Never trust those who play for Toad

These people are assholes. Toad — the small, quick and nimble character in the game, and his voice — even a complete nightmare, and people know all these facts when you choose stupid gribojedova. People who play for the Toad, take your friend and will honestly look you in the eye. They can always learn on a special aura of saranta around them. And they are constantly trying to be the best. Remember this, and beware of people who are playing Toad!

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