What can we learn from real pirates

manygoodtips.com_19.09.2016_Olr9fWE7pI6d2Today the whole world is missing one-eyed men in a triangle and with the stink from the mouth, said Talking like a pirate day — the day when people start to wheeze and say things like «cruiser in my ass» in the hope to be like pirates. Holiday is really good, so I advise you to wear a hat and a white shirt two sizes larger. You can still bandage the eyes of a choker (this is a powder bandage on his neck. We do not understand why it is needed. Apparently to indicate the level of the big cock and do oral skills), wearing leather vest of your grandfather, in which he picks in the hive, and all day to rattle «Cats to fight,» «take no Prisoners» and «This is Tortuga, mother.» For greater immersion into piracy, you can play in the big game, «corsairs» and say that you don’t just Bob Smith, and captain Bob Sidorov. Just bear in mind that all day you can’t drink fresh water, only rum, eat crackers and dried like grandma’s heel, salt cod.This is the only thing that will rodnite you with real sea wolves. Because the one-eyed bearded villain with the sword, and three pistols on the side, with a hook instead of a hand, a stick instead of legs, dirty swearing parrot on his shoulder, a pipe in his mouth and a bottle of rum in my pocket, not used to this pirates nothing. As with brave and gallant handsome in doublet and with an elegantly curled mustache, has become a noble pirate involuntarily. In itself absurd holiday, because phrases such as «damn» and traditional songs like pirate «Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest» was coined by Robert Lewis Stevenson for his novel «treasure Island»,» published in 1883, 150 years after the end of the Golden age of piracy. Almost all the stereotypes came out of this insanely popular at the time of the book.

Real pirates were nothing but a sea of GOP-stop. Cowardly, cynical, not always brave, and forward, and acting on the sly. And it’s not just tropical bastard in a cocked hat — in the days of Ancient Rome were sea scoundrels, hunted for merchants. Through fifteen hundred years all the same the Mediterranean suffered from the Algerian pirates. Pirates because it was not for the sake of adventure and free spirit, which was not simple. Half-starved life on the ship, swim for very long distances with cane discipline and rules similar to the area — all less reminiscent of romance. Sea bandits were on the great need, hoping to attack loaded with gold or colonial goods Galleon and to snatch a part that would be enough for a miserable hovel. However, after two months of sailing of the treasure didn’t remember, hoping to find fish and other provisions. Among the pirates were sailors who were tired of the situation of slaves on military vessels. Or there were those who already had nothing to lose, that is outlawed. But most were prisoners that the service was offered as an alternative to ignominious death, or slavery.And a growling voice — nothing like the accent from the South-West of England, and especially Wales. When a novel is filmed, the actor Robert Newton played a pirate, a few to overdo the rolling «R». But damn it, remembered it, liked it, and in all subsequent adventure film was difficult to meet not growling, not one-legged, one-eyed pirate who wouldn’t have buried treasure. By the way, there was nothing to bury, all disagreed with the entry. Nevertheless, even the simple cruel treasure hunter had a lot to learn. No wonder they created a Pirate code or the articles of agreement. Their codes was written by Henry Morgan, George Lauter, Bartholomew the Portuguese, Bartholomew Roberts and other captains. Before the entry into force of the code, each team member had to sign it. After this rule was placed in the most prominent place. But not codes instructive piracy.

Any disciplined at the workplace

Despite a significant degree of personal freedom, the pirate team was no anarchy. The discipline that prevailed on pirate ships, could envy of any warship of the same British or Spanish Navy. Discipline on pirate ships were not just strict, and very harsh. Because if you do not keep the greedy bastards in check, they can jump to overthrow you and hang from the yardarm. In addition, the team was usually very colorful, the men were of different nationalities and religions, but xenophobia on the deck was not in sight.


Such thing as a fight on the ship, did not exist. The pirate code was written: «For a pirate there is only one family – the Pirate brotherhood. For a pirate there is only one house – pirate ship», and in the house to fight with family members who had a team somehow worthless. On land, but here on the ship no duels, no fights was not. Those who disobeyed orders or violated discipline, it was difficult to envy. In the best case, they asked a good spanking in the worst — were hanged from the yardarm.

In order to avoid reasons for fighting and hatred, the ship was prohibited from gambling, because it is easy to guess, as it might upset inveterate thug due to loss of, and where it could lead.

Any fair

manygoodtips.com_19.09.2016_Wt3aG8AxGcwAvIt would seem, what can be justice, if we are talking about pirates and piracy? Wait, hold your horses, because when it came to the equitable distribution of production, then no court could match with the sea wolves.

As with any brotherhood, it was easy: each team member had to contribute to the overall extraction, and then had the right to participate in its division. In every region, in every era and every captain had their share. But if someone wanted to be richer than others and appropriated good, not having chipped in together to the common Fund, then the next thing he could see is the vast expanse of the sea from the shore of an uninhabited island, where he loved to banish troublemakers.

If we consider that justice implies the opinion of the team, then there’s the pirates was not equal. «Lawlessness» harm couldn’t even captain, because the team was able to rebel, to hang him from the yardarm, like a car freshener, and choose another on the ship was a democracy. Although many chose to endure the atrocities of the reliable, is unerringly income of the captain, than each time to kill a tyrant until then, until you find the optimum candidate. And, of course, many decided stocks. Edward teach, nicknamed «Blackbeard», he wrote in his logbook: «the Rum ran out, our company is in a diabolical confusion. There has been talk of secession». Only when they managed to capture the ship with a large supply of liquor, Thich could write: «Again everything goes well.»What I would like to note is the social protection of Maritime hijacking. For each lost limb was paid a certain amount. For example, captain John Gow for the loss of the right hand to the sailor paid 6 pesos or 6 slaves.

Any friendly with other

Best known for playing «the corsairs. Return of the legends» Alex Exquemelin, which released the book «Pirates of America», wrote:

«Pirates are very friendly and all help each other. For those who have nothing immediately stands out for any property, and the payment to wait until the have nots will not start money».

Of course, this was done in Mercantile purposes, because deprived of the «passenger» could easily escalate the situation on the ship. And in close quarters, the perpetual pitching and no women could easily go crazy.

Be inventive

manygoodtips.com_19.09.2016_hLRLO1rXCZDPvOften, to survive or to win, there was not enough courage. In such moments it is needed dexterity and ingenuity, especially when dealing with the enemy fleet. So pirates preferred light fast ships, greatly exceed commercial and military vessels speed advantage could quickly get out of dangerous waters. But there was much more illustrative cases.

The famous Henry Morgan is scum, a scoundrel, a butcher and a genius, loved with a large fleet to attack the Spanish settlement, cut off the garrison, Rob and rape local residents, and then content rich and to return home. It happened after the RAID on the town of Maracaibo. Happy the pirates were going to return to Jamaica base, however, the path to the open sea they blockaded the Spanish warships. Morgan was offered the opportunity to get out in exchange for the prisoners and the return of the loot. But the pirates themselves have appealed to the leaders with the requirement to send the Spaniards to hell. By order of Morgan, they are from the hold to the deck was filled with its largest ship gunpowder, picturesquely placed near the masts stuffed in three-cornered hats and swords, instead of guns has fitted painted chump and let this creation to meet the Spaniards. It was at dusk, so they saw in boldly approaching the ship wanting to go to boarding. When the ships approached, a blast of sulfur and tar lit up the sea like day. Panic had allowed the pirates had a real Board to take a second warship of the Spaniards, and the third those that did not get sea bandits, flooded themselves.


And during the siege of Portobello Morgan showed miracles of ingenuity, mixed with extreme cynicism. The buccaneers painfully it was impossible to take the town, the garrison fought bravely too and was very well armed for a handful of fortune hunters. Then Morgan was ordered to round up all the nuns around and made «brides of Christ» feeding the ladder to their soldiers during the siege. Devout Spaniards did not want to kill the poor nuns, and the human shield worked: the pirates took the town, arranging a traditional pogrom.In fact, a successful pirate needs to be agile in everything: and grate for Smoking from the belts to make and excuse for the rebel team to find.

Be brave

All in the same proverbial code has been written: «the Life of a pirate – constant chain of battles.» «The most terrible crimes of the pirate – is a betrayal and cowardice.» «A pirate must always be willing to risk your life.» Every pirate needs to be desperate and daring, cowardice in battle was punishable». When your job is connected with constant risk, you just had to be brave, otherwise you’ll have a long time to hang out on the waterways without provisions and money. Besides, with an army of cowardly cowards it is difficult to take castles and FORTS. Why the team ragged, not well equipped and trained flayers could sweep professional soldiers? All because of courage, bordering on insanity and animal cruelty.

Be hardy

manygoodtips.com_19.09.2016_gCr1tcQuEN7EqHow many women and some heavy drinking you will stand in the company of unsympathetic men? A week? Two? How about a couple of months? Sometimes the sea was playing a cruel joke, and moor did not work. Plus the normal food was not — he had no place to store. From the diet: crackers, beef jerky, dried beans and peas. Like a good idea, if not some of the nuances. For example, corned beef is often sold disgusting quality, but instead of meat sold salted pussy, cartilage and bone. But there was little choice, I had to throw this beauty in the scarce water, then sailor kneaded meat with their feet to soften salted to monolith cartilage, and was served an exquisite delicacy friends. But okay-legged one — well, if only the legs and the meat salted, and there are no worms. Unfortunately, they were always and everywhere, even in boxes with crackers. But what can you do not to pick out them. Again, hearty and extra protein. So experienced sailors advised the newcomers are in the dark, so as not to injure yourself. Another source of protein were rats, who took great pleasure in eating cereals and biscuits, and the sailors in turn eat. Then the straps. Then a friend of a friend.

And how in such conditions to live? Not even to get drunk! Roma were many, but on the deck was dominated by prohibition, for drunkenness could lose skin on the back after the intense whipping. Rum was precious drink on all occasions: they were treated, they inevitably become rotten rotten diluted with water (and there were cocktails). That’s why it was impossible to drink — and all so tipsy.Women on Board is impossible, because we all know how bravely they fight over a broken spermotoksikoz men. Women — only on land in the brothels or in the captured towns, and when it all will be — no one knew. Medical care is not so hot, because of the terrible food the whole toilet filled diarrhoeal waterfalls, collective asshole, and at any time can hang — what kind of life? Life is full of adventures, sissy not here to hold. Pirates are only real men.

All for a common cause

And all these hardships, all these troubles were for one — for a common cause — namely, earnings. Plus the opportunity to become famous, if you’re lucky. Everyone knew that you can survive only under the guidance of a strong leader and with the full implementation of his orders. And we need to act together, otherwise the Cartagena patrol or guarding a merchant caravan they will not stand on ceremony.

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