What can we learn from dictators

manygoodtips.com_1.12.2016_ARB3ooy95O7hIFor some, the dictators — these are people whose hands are stained with blood, for others idols. And for all of us this is a real pop star, whom we see on TV that mimic, which was going crazy which I hate. Dictators are unique. The word itself carries a lot of negativity, even if it comes to such relatively harmless companions, as the Portuguese dictator Antonio Salazar and the sun went down Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. But through this veil of negativity and controversial decisions to see the personal characteristics and individual moments, characteristic of dictators who would do well to learn from us regular folk. The world is cruel, and we must behave so that he was afraid of your severity and surrendered.

The dictator lived, the dictator is alive, the dictator will live

Kim Il sung died when he was 82, Fidel — 90, Pinochet — 91 ex — 82. Other dictators if they were not overtaken by an enemy bullet, died, usually after 70. After this sin was not to appear the rumors that dictators feed on blood sizeouter babies and sell their souls to Satan. Apparently, the dictators feed on the souls of victims of the bloody repression and thereby support their livelihoods. Because guys, life is not sugar, they spend a lot of time in the jungle and fields.

Dictator — a person is unique. The most famous and recently deceased resident of Cuba his whole life, was under the gun. It did not break 600 carefully prepared assassination, only nature has been able to handle him. Indeed: it’s amazing how people who have passed war, lived in inhuman conditions, which are constantly on the alert and ready to go, not out of my mind. Something here is amiss.

No man — no problem

Keep around themselves a narrow circle of the coalition

– Fidel Castro to retain power in their hands, the dictator need to protect yourself from all possible and impossible threats. Dictators with nothing considered to be neither friendship nor family ties. As they say, nothing personal, just business. So those who began to breathe in the neck too hot and close, indiscriminately sent to the crocodiles (as in the case of IDI Amin), was accused of political treason (study of Stalinist repression) or just missing. Because if you give up the position, you will be declared an international scoundrel and you’re hiding away from your home, timeless as Pol Pot and the same amine. Therefore, a successful dictator always on the alert and crushes the conspiracy in the Bud.

Remember the glorious Alberto Fujimori is of Japanese, who for 10 years of the presidency of Peru violated human rights in the next 10 years. Asian ingenuity and innate cunning told him absolutely senseless at first glance, but at the same time a great idea to organize a coup in 1992. Thus he strangled a center-left parties, closed Congress, suspended the Constitution, got rid of the judicial system and got unlimited power.

Just let me give you a little advice, my General. Don’t kill people, yet you do not appear limitless power and authority. When you get rid of potential competitors, do it delicately, and so they suspected nothing. If a competitor is not a fool — he will feel threatened, but he shouldn’t feel any of your actions.

With the people «you»

It is rather the exception to the rule, because the dictators are trying to isolate themselves from the masses, and you never know what might happen. But the example of Fidel and Cuba have shown that the human attitude of forcing people to close their eyes to many schools, including bullying. Fidel always traveled to the institutes, evening schools, it came to the students, clapping him on the shoulder, he laughed, clapped them back, they asked him questions, he answered. So he was part of the people and did everything to make it and stay.

The genius of oratory

The world-old tale tells of a man (who he is and what he did, for many the veil of translation and interpretation is impossible to ascertain), who had the good fortune to hear three great speakers of the twentieth century: Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler. This unknown said that Lenin and Stalin liked him as his oratory and convinced in the ideas of communism. But after the speech of the Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler, he was ready to take his order and to fulfill all what he says.

To the Third Reich of public speaking was highly intelligent, complex, more like a reading than a lecture. The speeches of Adolf Hitler, by contrast, was very agitated, emotional, filled with slogans.

Hitler got most of his oratorical success by telling the audience what they wanted to hear.

He used simple, understandable for the people the language, using short sentences and the powerful emotional slogans. Most often he started his speech quietly, thus attracting the attention of the audience, then gradually stepped up the pace, and in the final was already shouting and gesticulating actively. He radiated absolute confidence, aggression, belief in the infinite triumph of his party and fortunes. Amazing gift — to make people enthusiastic to play along, even after he called them fools. Just people appealed to the emotions rather than to reason.

Another legendary speaker — Fidel Castro, managed to utter an infinitely long speech, from which nobody was sleepy. The man who spoke 7 hours and 10 minutes at the Congress of the Communist party, managed not only to utter such a detailed speech but make it so that no one fell asleep.

Say stylish, say century

manygoodtips.com_1.12.2016_9LMHBnLczlqG3The main feature of dictators is to leave behind not only hunger and poverty, but also sayings. You don’t know who said it, but I heard every or nearly every. «Only mass executions will save the Motherland» — who said that? The fact of the matter is that everyone knows this phrase, but no one knows what it was Pol Pot. Every dictator needs to say something like «History will absolve me» or «Better to live one day in the life of a lion than hundred years life of a sheep» — phrase of the dictator Mussolini. Words — that’s what history remembers.

To comprehend all personally

Most tyrants were former military. This does not mean that you need to be mandatory to join the military institution, to lead a coup in the example of Gaddafi and Chavez or even to arrange a long civil war. But almost none of them were fragile provocateur — the majority spent day and night in the barracks with his soldiers and closely revolved among the people.

Even Vladimir Ilyich spent all his free time practicing the writing of pamphlets and talking to people. Mao Zedong went further and used his peasant upbringing not only as a reason to not wash (Mao months did not clean teeth and did not wash, preferring to concubine wiped his body with wet towels), but also to win the trust and gain control over the peasants. And the Emperor Napoleon, even in the last days of his meteoric career knew what he breathes a simple soldier. It is a necessary practice, which not only increases the popularity among their colleagues, but also helps the future pastor is much more efficient to manage your herd.

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