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manygoodtips.com_16.06.2016_Pdj1oPPwJPtJBThe older generation mercilessly, it is so severe that does not see any sense in games. Why waste time on games when you can find a job, build a house and make some children, and then go with a pure heart into the pit, and cover the coffin plate. That is the meaning, not to indulge their hormones of happiness idleness. But this position can not agree at least because we believe the whole world is one big game. We play one role, at home, another at work, and the third in bed. So why not distracted by what is leisure first? And does the game no good? After all, they learn a lot! Yes, they really are our best teachers, because the experience-based games (and we don’t mean alone computer), is extremely viable. Perhaps you had no idea previously how seriously they take you.

1. Do not go on tilt

Tilt is a special state of a poker player when he loses a significant portion of his stack and, full of destructive emotions, loses together with everything else, losing the game. Any player at the time of tilt, in the language of fish, easy fish that can be milked indefinitely.

Salt is what to lose a big stack as possible and not for one player could do everything with a mind to count outs and to sensibly decide what his best map. But luck did not agree with him, and he lost this hand, despite the fact that previous actions were absolutely correct. Such distribution should be taken as inevitable, to cool it and keep playing. But when you lose a pile of chips, then on a rampage, and rampage is not the best tactic for poker player. You become more diffuse, less just use your head, rely on luck, think fast to make up for the loss, ultimately lose completely and get up from the table.

But not only in poker, people tilt. Fate also gives us such «gifts», it selects the most expensive, takes our loved ones, destroys the work that we’ve been working for decades. If that happens, remember: you always have something remains, and this should be cherished. Don’t let life derail, even when you think close to the edge. Many professional players came out of this situation, to recall the games legendary Moneymaker. More people in real life, been raised from the bottom, because you know that all is not lost.

2. The level of thinking

manygoodtips.com_16.06.2016_unzQOxeWWN0EuAnother wisdom, this time the last card games. Applicable in any situation when faced in a brutal duel of two minds.

I know he knows I know he knows… that I’m bluffing.How to determine that a person is lying? If you’re a professional poker player and prefer to take the cups through their bluff and not good cards, then you should know about the level of thinking. Not every time to use the same level – it is necessary to look at the situation and the enemy, otherwise you lose. Everything in life is just as well, we often have to read people. Let’s describe these levels, so that you understand what is what:

The first level of thinking: «I Have a strong hand, I bet». It would seem that the most logical tactic should be applied in life, but use it only newcomers to the world of poker or, conversely, the smart-ass from poker players about this later.

Second level thinking: «the Opponent raises, then he has a strong hand.» A little more complicated, but not perfect. You seem to understand that another person’s actions is some sense, but choose the easiest option, which is on the surface. If the poker player uses this level, it evaluates the check of the enemy as a weakness and therefore makes the attack, which is often very imprudent.

The third level of thinking: «If I deliver, I will show a strong hand. I will play the opposite and make a check.» The opposite of the first level. The logic is clear: play your cards on the contrary, to confuse the enemy. If such players say that bluffing, so they have strong cards. If they say that gathered a powerful combination – means a bluff.

The fourth level of thinking: «the Opponent does not want to show their strong hand, so he played a check.» To understand people with a third level of thinking, we need a fourth, here everything is logical.

Fifth level thinking: «My check will be perceived as a strong hand therefore do rate.» You know what’s the difference of this level from the first? Anything. Again rely, if and when the bad – Cacem or discharged.So why did we learn? People do not always act one-sided and not always use the same level of thinking in all situations. The more serious opponent than he is more skilled, the more mobile it is in this respect. It can combine level, trying to adapt to the situation. In this case, if the level of thinking above, this does not mean that we will win. Because to win, you must beat your opponent on exactly one level, or make a mistake.

3. There are things that do not prevent

manygoodtips.com_16.06.2016_mbbXrWXbzSjw7And again fate seemed to twist the ankle when you run on the football field, or the invasion of the Tatar-Mongols, when playing Crusaders Kings II. Especially demonstrate to us the fate of video games, because the scripts written there long before started to create 3d models or sketching. You can’t hide from the boss in Wolfenstein, as it is impossible to hide from the issues of paternity or the army (okay, we have half the country hiding, but we’re not about that). That is, life is full of challenges that you must meet face-to-face: you’ll have to choose a University, get a job, move out of their parents. Of course, we all have a choice, but the universe the author has put a taboo on certain kinds of freedom, for we are partially aware that we are waiting on.

4. The victory is worth the fight

Say that important part, not the victory. Told us that from an early age, but we still always knew that the winners get everything and losers are forgotten. There are, of course, things like marathon, where participation itself is a feat. But if we are talking about professional sports, winning is everything. When you get a Cup, medal for medal, you provide yourself with a comfortable existence, a sports car and a bunch of fans. Look at the most successful boxers and football players, their victory made them the ideal conditions. Perhaps they, too, are drummed into the heads of the subject on the part but where are those guys who studied with them? Think of the success they saw.

In General, achievements in sports is good not only for professional athletes. They give to understand the man that he is capable of much. And maybe that with a gold medal in shooting, which you received in his youth, and began your story. You realized that you can be better than others, and this awareness is no bad thing. Because in any normal game there are only two types of people: losers and winners.

5. Sometimes you just need to relax to get what you want

Remember Billiards or bowling. Is it possible to arrange the balls in the hole, if you’re nervous? Try to knock all the pins when the body goes through terrible stress.

If you’ve been shooting, you realize that any shot must be held against the background of peace and tranquility, you slowly pull the trigger and exhale along with him. Then the bullet will hit right on target. And you thought, why all snipers are calm, like a boa constrictor? If you try, you will never fall, and bowler you will be bad.We often take responsible decisions in life. Those that can change everything. Rushing, nervous, asking myself a thousand unnecessary questions. In other words, we are afraid to pull the trigger or throw the ball in bowling. In such situations you just need to relax and finally take that step – no fear, no tension.

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