What can replace «Game of thrones»: 5 serials, worthy of attention

Recently ended the latest season of «Game of thrones». Spoiler we’re not going because we are good people and don’t want to go to hell. Instead, we look to the future, because of fan hysteria will fall and we will need new food for your eyes, brain and heart. We are already looking for a replacement and luckily found quite a normal substitutes. Of course, they are not as great, but some of the series many of you will surely fall in love.

1. Scream Queen (Scream queens)

manygoodtips.com_28.06.2016_phh2Qt9hKszmmThe series started in September 2015 and was successfully renewed for a second season. Now you can find the first season, but after the summer will start a new series. You may now look at the poster and think, «What the hell manygoodtips.com advises maiden stuff, there’s like no guy can not be removed!» But be sure that each of our series you will like, especially if you’re terribly tired cliché in the horror genre and I miss the black and bloody humor. Despite the fact that the whole plot revolves around a series of pretentious bitches, it’s not distracting. To relate to them easily, even in the most fierce psycho (honestly, that’s what we love).

Of course you should not consider this series a children’s toy, the next an injection of youth is something which will be forgotten immediately as soon as the money from the producers. In «Queens of scream» there are many details that will make any movie lover to explode with joy. For example, the wonderful references to cult horror movies like «Psycho,» «Carrie,» «Silence of the lambs», «the Shining». The creators of the show respect the old school, so they don’t steal ideas from the masters, and expresses the esteem — understand the difference! So, watch the show only for the sake of quotes: «death takes the best, that’s why I degrade past few years.»

2. Salem (Salem)

manygoodtips.com_28.06.2016_rTlyeuvoRXcABIf you missed witches and witchcraft in «Game of thrones», you see the TV series «Salem» — you will not regret. The beauty of this series is that now there is a third season. You can safely start watching and not be afraid that all of a sudden end. The main theme for the series was written by a Mr. Manson, what we are glad. Yes, and the soundtrack in General is different in a good way, adds to the atmosphere a fair share of stylish madness — thank you for this Tyler Bates.

And now about the Salem. You might know that it is a favorite place for revelry dark forces in New England (historical region, which is located in the US). It is understandable, because these lands really passed the trials against the witches. They were burned at the stake, hanged, Puritan morality with the fury preyed on women suspected of witchcraft. Mass madness, the justification of religion murders — all of these events left an indelible mark in American history. That’s what it was. And here comes the show «Salem,» which alters the meaning of the story. The creators decided to assume that witches really existed in this city and was a danger to people’s lives. But even in this light, ordinary people, deprived of supernatural powers, does not seem to us to be better. They are stupid, angry, are constantly in fear, which resort to sin more and more. Who and what can save the city? Maybe captain John Alden, has just arrived from the war, will be able to establish a life? Or better convey the power of the witches? Maybe the Christian radicals?

Salem could be a gorgeous show, but sometimes the lack of plot knockouts make the browsing is not as exciting as he could be.

3. Drug (Narcos)

manygoodtips.com_28.06.2016_BXFcj6m41MEMPYes, it is renewed for a second season and we are glad. If you’re a fan of crime, Hawaiian shirts and Coca paths that pass would have been folly. In addition, the series tells about one of the most well-known criminal personalities of the twentieth century, whose name is Pablo Escobar.

Why bother to watch the show on a drug Lord, murderer and a bad person? As a minimum, because the villain many loved, even love, because he challenged not only the government of their country, but the United States. He created a vast criminal Empire, which had in the submission of hundreds of militants. And they were the terror of those who held in their hands the power in the country. They were worse than the police, military, dirty politicians? The question is rhetorical. But we know that Pablo Escobar was a great businessman — to sell cocaine he knew, and was able to become the amazing person that you want to know more. Series «Drug» sheds light on the emergence of this person. From the bottom to the top.

When he had become what he remember? When he crossed the line? And, believe me, it’s not a sad biographical story, tightened in a series. In the «Drug» is full of dynamics, intrigue, surprises.

4. 11.22.63

manygoodtips.com_28.06.2016_S3fljh1uPuOngAs well, when you make small series, without all the 666 seasons for thousands of years to come. Here’s to you, the viewer, season 1, where there are 8 episodes, and James Franco. Always be so, and it sometimes seems as if life becomes a jumble of TV shows of different genres that even after your death will not be released the last episode.

But let’s get to it. «11.22.63» tells the story of an English teacher, who manages to get in the past. Why did Americans in the past? Of course, to save Kennedy’s favorite President of all of the liberal half of the population of the States. It is not excluded that the beloved President of Stephen king, after all, the series is an adaptation of his novel. For which a low bow to the Director, the film adaptation fully captures the essence of the original. Changed little things, and then you can find them only with the book in his hands. Otherwise, quite a good adaptation. However, in the «11.22.63» there are no horrors, but it is full of detective items, science fiction and the tears of James Franco (that is why we have opinions in the editorial about the series was divided, too sentimental character). And the story is not so much about Kennedy, how about the teacher and his passionate desire to change the past. I think this is gonna work out? I think if something had happened (the birth of Hitler, for example), we would prosper? Good parable, a remarkable history and exciting series three for the price of one.

5. Rotten (Baskets)

manygoodtips.com_28.06.2016_VUsguyiodM8DlIf you know Zach Galifianakis not only for «Stag in Vegas», but some of his old underground things that he did in standup then you will like this show 2016, which, among other things, renewed for a second season. Warn you immediately — it’s a Comedy not about the Boobs, then the subject more deeply, a lot of the absurd, more real life, more realistic satire. You may the series will seem boring, if you’re looking for popcorn drenched in hot cheese sauce. Well, if you like unconventional Comedy and you’re into the underground scene of American comedians, the «Goner» is a good choice (as it sounds great). But otherwise, if the Executive producer acts as Louis C. K.? He’s put his soul into the script for a couple with Zack. Was this author’s series.

The story itself is about a guy named Chip he’s a Fool who to death dreaming of becoming a professional clown. He was expelled from a prestigious French school for clowns, but the Chip is not discouraged, because some are born to be artists. Watching hero, I sincerely empathize with him, while laughing at those ridiculous situations that fall this strange clown. Down and out is not normal is a series about freak created freak.

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