What can be the reason not to marry the woman he loves

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Hi, men!

You do probably the most decent resource that can read not only men but also women wanting men to understand.

Thank you for that. And help me see my problem muschinski eyes, please.

I have to say: complain about your husband, and especially to ask about it from other men – not of the best. I do not approve of. In the end, it is logical to ask him and get a straightforward answer.

But here the question is that we need the help of the audience.

The guy, 28 years old. History – a long-term relationship, big love with a former girlfriend. Broke up, according to him, t. to. she wanted certainty married. And he decided that before and don’t need. And they said goodbye, of course, long scandals. (I think that’s an excuse, not a cause?)

Year he was alone. Met me. And another year as we are together.

I’m haunted by this past history. I’m afraid to be on place of this girl. I don’t want to get married, really. But I don’T mind to marry a loved one. It’s a big difference, agree. I’m sure when people love each other, they will not be terrified of the thought of marriage. Because the print, it really solves nothing for normal people. I’m sure if the person is active, the panic doesn’t want to marry – that means he just doesn’t like a specific woman and is horrified by the thought of a future together. (Correct and reverse option: if a woman is against marriage with a particular man, definitely don’t think it’s her best man on earth).

Now the question is: is there any reason in principle not to marry the woman he loves? Honestly!

If you are not from a concept brakowalo, when, in your opinion, to move in/marry it be in time?

Needless to say with a guy on this topic right? (And the odd question: «Dear, mindful of his breakup with his ex, I want to clarify: you are not horrified of the thought of our marriage? Because I think that if you really love me, won’t run in panic from the Registrar. Here I want to check it».)

Just say: I’m totally against weddings. I’m not a big fan of marriage, but I think that he can’t bring something bad a priori a good relationship. And if my husband now suggested, I would agree, because I love him and feel truly wonderful event of our acquaintance, and not a stamp in the passport.

Thank you!

PS Well, just in case: I am 27, I am on my own making decent money, I have many Hobbies, and I think that M and W must be primarily allies, friends and partners. So no stereotypical girly «benefits» of marriage I see.

The answer

Hello, Mary! We are always doubly pleased when our masculine writings (at least, we really like to think so) estimate of the fair half of mankind. And we have a lot of respect for ladies who do not confuse our not always flattering for women insights in articles about women, and who have enough to soberly assess written. Low bow to you and the real rays kind of envy your boyfriend because if all you wrote about yourself is true, you honor and praise. Now try to explain.

If you don’t want to be on the site of the former your boyfriend better and not make the same mistakes. Be perfect – and he will offer you my hand, heart and apartment. Unless, of course, not Infante. Then, without a hint not to do – it’s purely a man’s opinion.

You see, we can madly love you, but still not willing to part with this illegitimate freedom, even if we have already 7 years of living in the same apartment of the so-called civil marriage (although civil marriage is one concluded in the registry office.) There are a lot of reasons. After marriage, because a lot is actually changing. And we know that. And comfort zones do not want to leave. We may feel that we have not dogulivat… But what do you mean nedovoljan? No, that’s not cheating, and endless booze. It’s probably the reluctance to take in the commitments that involves marriage. I don’t care if you avoid them. He might even, like the early proletariat, considers marriage a bourgeois relic and quite unnecessary thing. He wanted the imaginary freedom, which he has long gone. You are talking about how he refers to the institution of marriage?

Again, the wedding – such costs on a stupid holiday!

In General, the reasons are different: respectful and not. And that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Because we are organized quite differently.

Give him time. Maybe he just came to himself after a breakup. Any thought about marriage cause he’s a hysterical shudder, and in a fit of panic, he cut off all ring fingers, even on his feet. Maybe he hasn’t decided whether he is ready to associate with you your destiny once and for all. Actually one year is not so much to solve such a serious problem. Moreover he is 28 years old. Answering the question of when to move in with a male point of view I want to respond: «When we are ready».

Don’t ask directly, he may not understand everything. Hint it, just don’t overdo it. All women want to get married, and we, unfortunately, know. Try to convey to him his position. It is clear that you do not want to wait until 35 and be left with nothing. You’re a woman, I do not teach you how to ferret out the mysteries, covered with impenetrable darkness. Maybe our article will help you to answer this question.

Want to get married – whether his ideal. Learn to understand each other, and then not have to ask questions to strangers uncles.

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