What can be learned Ernest Hemingway

manygoodtips.com_17.06.2015_10jqwp4pnEuamErnest Hemingway is not just an ordinary writer, awarded the Nobel prize for literature. This is the guy who will forever remain in the history of mankind thanks to his novels and numerous short stories that still help us to cope with various difficulties in life. But beyond his writing career, Ernest had a lot of things in this life. He was an avid traveler, worked as a police correspondent, fought in the First world war, took part in the civil war in Spain and later in world war II, liked guns and hunting, and also differed the most genuine humanity. He lived like a man, and died just the same, choose the time and method of death. The most striking example of the courage. We think you will certainly be interesting best quotes of this man.

1. About convenience

«Give a man a necessary – and he wants distance. Provide him comfort – he will strive to beat. Shower him with luxury, he starts to sigh at the exquisite. Allow it to suitably – it will get thirsty madness. If you give him all that he wants – he’ll complain that he cheated and that he got not what he wanted.»

2. The promises made drunk

«Being sober, will implement all their drunken promises – this will teach you to keep your mouth shut.»

3. About writing

«What prevents a writer? Booze, women, money and ambition. And the lack of booze, women, money and ambition.»

4. On the work

«If all the time to think about work, you might lose interest in it before sit for another day. You need to exercise, tired body, and especially good to make love with the woman.»


5. About the war

«In the old days often wrote about how sweet and beautiful to die for their country. But in modern warfare there is nothing so sweet and lovely. You will die like a dog for no good reason.»

6. About women

«There are so many women with whom you can sleep, and so few women with whom you can talk.»

7. About the stars

«I’m glad no one can kill the stars.»

8. About sports

«There are only three real sports: bullfighting, motor racing and mountaineering. Everything else is just games.»

9. About the storm

«It was a great storm, but he could still enjoy it. Despite the fact that destructive, but you can still love him.»


10. Another thing about writing

«To write is actually very simple. You just sit in front of a typewriter and start bleeding.»

11. About travel

Never travel with someone you don’t like.»

12. And again about women

«Woman lose as well as lose a battalion – because of an error in the calculations of the order, which is impossible, and it’s extremely heavy duty. And yet – because of his bestiality.»

13. The secret of success

«The secret of success is simple: never be discouraged. Never be discouraged. Never give up on people.»


14. About the person

«Man is not created to suffer defeat. Man can be destroyed but cannot be defeated.»

15. About death

«Death is like an old whore in a bar – I’ll buy her a drink, but I will not go with her upstairs.»

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