What benefit can be drawn from their own insecurities

manygoodtips.com_24.10.2014_Q5EL8Tj7XUHPKOn the pages of our magazine often raises a question about how to become a more confident man, and as a result, successful. Despite the powerful motivation that we are trying to give you, the poison of doubt can poison even the most brave heart. It doesn’t make you worse, exposes him as a coward, nothing to be ashamed of, because in your veins runs blood, not motor oil. But if you can honestly face the truth and face their insecurities, they will fight the pessimism that has gripped you on the verge of starting a new business, work or enterprise. Remember, we talked about the fact that almost any situation can be turned in their favor. This is exactly the same option.


Doubt in their own abilities is able to get you to pay due attention to the criticism and become self-critical. Many people easily fall into the trap of optimistic biases, based on actual reality. They tend to listen to positive feedback and ignore the negative, painful, sensing her hostility. If you stand on the threshold of a new business or enterprise, you can understand why are experiencing some level of fear and uncertainty in their abilities. But the world is the place to be this paradox: when pessimism works together with ambitions, it leads to remarkable results. Achieve 20 percent consists of hard slave labour and 80 with proper methodological training. Thus, the more you know about your weaknesses, the better prepared you are. Therefore, in order to become the best, you need to be his main critic, and it is almost impossible, when the starting point of your judgments is the exclusive confidence in themselves and their infallibility. Even the most powerful of this world are inclined to doubt the loyalty of their decisions or even just things, but they train hard until they reach an acceptable level of competence. Ultimately, success is the best cure for uncertainty.


The uncertainty in the forces can force you to work harder and prepare more thoroughly. With a serious attitude to your goal is much more incentive for hard work, if you are confused. Of course, you really want to consider yourself the only person that will not make any difficulties to earn all the money in the world, is wanted. Hardly anyone will refuse the desire to become a rich man athletic, who is easy to speak several languages, but not everybody is ready to do everything necessary to implement such purposes. Paul Arden (the former creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi) once said that the phrase «I want» means that if I wish hard enough I will get it. If you’re determined to implement its plans, then your doubt will make you work harder to eradicate this blatant discrepancy between desired goal and current state.


Doubt and uncertainty will protect thee from conceit and self-delusion. We live in a world where the worship of those who worship themselves (remember Donald trump), but to encounter such people in life – the pleasure of bad. Many people hate their jobs because of narcissistic bosses or colleagues. Some of them pinched crown is so strategically important areas of the brain that they consider it below their dignity to do the work more efficiently or to spend extra time for completion and rectification of the problems or flaws. People who tend to treat themselves with a share of pessimism, more easily and more often admit their mistakes and instead blame their surroundings or cruel fate.

So do not be upset because of his depression. As you can see, this may render you faithful service, the main thing is not to overdo it.

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