What backpack to choose and what to wear


There are ossified opinion, which is not so easy to handle, supposedly backpacks are acceptable only in two cases: 1) when you’re in high school 2) when you are going camping. But this view is mistaken. In fact, the backpack is a versatile form of bags (namely bags), which is suitable for city travel, and for more extreme situations. All the good that was created by man, originally created for the army. And backpack is no exception — it has spread in European countries as part of the uniforms of the soldiers. Then appeared in schools (did these backpacks artisan — made out of canvas), after backpacks have become a familiar attribute of hikers and climbers.

Today there are many models of backpacks that have specific characteristics. Some do only for long trips, others are equipped with special fasteners that allow you to keep the laptop safe. But the bag itself is widespread, without reference to something specific. The design of the backpack perfectly stabilizes weight, reduce stress on the back and shoulder joints, allowing to carry heavy things, of course, easier with a backpack. At this time, as you understand manygoodtips.com will advise you backpacks.

1. Ray Bergen Button black/tabac


If you pursue quality, then pay attention to the backpacks that are produced in the Moscow workshop of Ray Button. Maybe they are more expensive than those that you can offer Chinese manufacturers, but they are, rest assured, will not tear after a season of wear and able to withstand much more than it seems at first glance. For example backpack Bergen, which is sold in black or tobacco colour, were designed specifically for active urban wear. The design fits perfectly into the crazy life of cities, and the quality… about the quality of the better to tell apart.

The backpack is made of high quality natural leather, and choice — veal and cow milk, and also from nylon fabric Cordura 1060, which has excellent explosive characteristics and durability. Manufacturers focused on traditional technology, which does not provide the cheapening of the technological process at the expense of quality. The result we see with our eyes. Turned out to be so compact, but very roomy backpack that meets all the standards of modern urban life. It is convenient, has a few extra compartments in the interior, including one that allows you to attach the laptop or device with a screen more than 15 inches.

What to wear with this backpack? It looks quite conservative, but to the extent that allows even a sports style. However, it is best suited for everyday wear, which includes a shirt, jeans or simple pants.

2. Wenger Large Volume Daypack

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When it comes to Swiss producers, no doubt. In this country we value our reputation, so any production is under constant supervision of inspection bodies. One of the most significant companies that create backpacks, Wenger is a company. They do their products to the conscience, focusing its work on maximum convenience and practical application.

Take the model Wenger Large Volume Daypack. Backpack designed for long wear and thorough. There is a compartment for a laptop with screen sizes up to 15 inches. The internal functions generally is replete with various additional pockets, such as pockets for MP3 player, earphone hole, compartment with pocket organizer for small items, key ring. In addition, you can use the side and an external zippered pocket, a bottle holder. This backpack will fit perfectly in the limit of a short trip outside the city, but the city, it is quite suitable, and most importantly comfortable due to its air circulation system Airflow, durable ergonomic handle, adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt for support of the backpack.

What to wear with this backpack? In this case more than just begs sports, casual and casual. Wenger Large Volume Daypack will fit perfectly in all cases, when you need a roomy (volume 30 liters) backpack for a rural getaway or a working trip. However, it is not ashamed to take with you to work or fitness club. Special love this backpack uses, motorcyclists, and they certainly know a lot about good and roomy bag.

3. Easpak Padded Brize Blue


Eastpak is a leading company in the market of Luggage products and accessories, which produces bags made of leather, Cordura, polyester, polyamide, a mixture of polyester and polyamide. This firm has a professional approach to their work, remarkable range and a rich history. But today, for the sake of example, let’s take a colorful backpack from new, good summer collection Eastpak. The material was used polyamide, which has excellent waterproof properties, wear-resistant and totally low maintenance.

This model is available in three color options: dark blue, light blue, and fuchsia. Itself series Padded Pak r is the «icon» of the brand Eastpak and has hundreds of color variations. In other words, this series will know this manufacturer. Why do we like these backpacks? There is nothing extra! They are roomy enough for travel (24 liters), the external compact. If you pull your bag out, it won’t take up much space. Perhaps there are no special mounts for gadgets, but in this case, it is only a plus. For small items there is one zipper pocket located in the front, everything else is created for more important things, the main compartment is very roomy. Separately want to note the back of this backpack — it is breathable and anatomically verified. In other words you’re not getting a sweaty back. Well, if that happens, the blame for this is not a backpack, and 40-degree heat.

What to wear with this backpack? Loose style, summer wear, shorts, Hawaiian shirt, Mikey. He does not tolerate conservatism, designed for relaxation, sunshine and beaches. The backpack of the summer season, so to speak. However, it is perfect as a sports bag. It will easily fit shoes, towels, Slippers, in case you’re a supporter of active recreation or sport halls.

4. Barrel


If you don’t like to carry your bags, but can not do without a heap of things in the road, then this backpack is for you. Besides, it’s not just a backpack, and backpack convertible. Of course, he doesn’t turn into Optimus Prime, but will easily be a regular bag that you can hang on one shoulder — sometimes it’s more convenient.

The rare case when a backpack for travel and looks good in an urban environment. Backpack Barrel get along well with your work or evening walks, it will also be useful to you in the gym, but the best use for it — long trips. Why do we believe? It is really roomy, easily fits in small trunk or close the overhead rack in the bus. All thanks to the shape of a barrel, which is devoid of sharp corners. Volume can be adjusted side ties. The zipper is made to last — durable, does not stick. And the price is extremely affordable on any budget.

What to wear with this backpack? It is best to choose a simple casual style: leisure shirt or t-shirt and jeans. But this is not a rule for which you need to cling, because the backpack has a versatile enough design that you can combine with almost any clothing.

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