What are you thinking when you blew up another relationship

manygoodtips.com_11.06.2014_2reEIu8bMTvkvAdmit it, not always in a relationship you behave like an adult adequate person. Relationship is the cauldron within which serious passions boil, seasoned with ancient imagery, hidden and open complexes, and many others. In a word, we all often behave like idiots when it comes to this sphere of life: overdramatising the wrong places, and spit on what it would cost to pay attention. That’s why many good or have the potentiality to become such relationships collapse under the weight of thoughts and non-constructive doubt.

So what you think, prosiraya in General, a good relationship?

1. I’m meeting with the wrong person

We once wrote about how to deal with the destructive force of doubt. Remember, if your brain developed at least a little better than the brain of an orangutan, no doubt to avoid. Doubt, in itself, is neither good nor bad, they just are. Do not try to solve them by reducing to a single Maxim: «I’m not Dating that one.» Doubt can play a positive role in your relationship, if you work up the courage to decide for himself what the problem is and then talk to her about what’s bothering you. Can turn your life into a series of «wrong», just because you don’t want to understand in my own mind.

2. I don’t miss when she is away, which means it’s not serious

Striving round the clock to keep a partner around, and tantrums about a long absence it next to demonstrate the depth of feeling and the degree of your uncertainty in relationships, in yourself, and maybe even in it. Love excludes any painful affection, occurs a feeling of inferiority, and, therefore, exclude similar acute attacks of melancholy.

3. I need every second of his life to be with her

There should not be. Attempts to realize this crazy idea just can’t bring anything good. To be every moment together with someone, especially if you are Dating a little over two weeks is a sure way to hate someone. You and she, two different people, who may be some sort of joint hobby, and Hobbies. And it’s totally okay to give her and yourself the opportunity to be alone. In addition, the ability to be alone — a sign of self-sufficient, Mature and healthy and strong relationships are possible only between such persons.

4. We must always be fitted with sex

Another common mistake imposed on us by mass culture. The truth is that mass culture sex is the best sales tool of any product, and it has nothing to do with what sex means to people. In pair sex is closely linked to the level of trust and degree of intimacy between the partners. However, after years in, you won’t have sex as often as in the first two weeks, and that’s fine. Normally also the fact that sometimes the breaks between sex will be longer than usual, because of completely different reasons. If you’re worried about some aspect of sexual life before moving to the first point, act like an adult and talk to her.

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