What are you pissed off: 10 reasons scandals with a friend

Women were perfect creatures, if not for the scandals, which, of course, provoked them. Maybe he didn’t. There is a small probability that any «removal of the brain» that turns men inside out is a consequence of the actions of the men themselves?

In fact, the answer will never sound clear. Fights can occur in a vacuum, and can cause much larger problems, but our goal is to help you cope with the negativity. On the pages of men’s magazines women are to blame, we will not, but will ask bashing, because it is the understanding of your negative traits and can lead to the solution of problems in the relationship. Don’t want to bore the brain? Look to yourself.

1 the Lack of firmness in character

The girl might talk about what she’s independent and she is on your mind. But we live in a society that formed traditional relationships. Even the most ardent feminist would not deny the fact that «man must be strong» when talking about her own relationship. No one likes a weak, spineless, too. But girls like men who at least sometimes, but I can say a firm «no».

2 Household stuff «You don’t flush the toilet, a garbage bag hung on the doorknob, and left the socks in the microwave! Well, you asshole!»Life has a serious impact on the relationship between two people, especially if they live in a confined space of one or two rooms. On this basis, there are a lot of scandals, though at first no one pays attention to either worn socks or the ability to use Cutlery. But the longer you live with the girl, the more I notice all sorts of external stimuli. The girl also notices this, and therefore makes a fuss every time you make some game — I forget to use the brush, for example.

3 No plans, no future , no matter How windy was not your friend, but even she wants to feel you reliability. When the girl 18 years old, she doesn’t care what you think about the work, building a house, children and everything associated with the «Foundation of life». But adolescence passes quickly, the hormones subside, and girlfriends raise rates. If you haven’t noticed, it’s the girls who provoke men into marriage, and not Vice versa. We can say that they do offer with our hands. If you take all these thoughts together, then you’ll understand that it may annoy you as a girl. You’re daydreaming, think about the legacy and family.

4 Dependence

Drugs, alcohol, propensity for sweets, and pathological attachment to anything, in one word — addiction. These things scare many women, especially those who have seen the degradation that comes to replace the «small» weaknesses. We are not the servants of the cult «No Smoking or alcohol», but each person must clearly distinguish the line, when pleasure ceases to be a pleasure. Alcohol, drugs and even sex doesn’t have to rule your life. If you’re going to have a fight with a friend, it is only the lesser of two evils, which would give you a dependency. 5 Former If you told me about your former friend, you’ve made a very big mistake. You thought that sort of talk you show her your confidence, but it will backfire when the girl will find contacts ex-girlfriends on your phone, on your page or wherever. If she will suspect that you’re cheating on her, she, no doubt, will remember all your open conversations. So do not bother with a girl on the other — are too explosive, and you’re not the Shah to have a harem.

6 need to be in control you’re not going Anywhere with friends — stay at home, cook borscht, watch TV channel «Spas»We said that women love confident men who are willing to say the word «no». Strength of character appreciate each friend but not every friend appreciates a tyranny, which is an integral part of the desire to control everything. Your friend is not a pet. If she wants to go out with friends, it does not mean that she wants to sleep with the bartender or uzhratsya in the trash. Anxiety is a normal reaction. But a total ban is a human reaction that is not confident in their abilities.

7 the Reluctance of anything to control

Not waiting for? And this is the flip side of the coin past that can ruin any relationship. If you let your girlfriend, she won’t appreciate your progressiveness and your weakness. People quickly pluck, so there is always a difference between «I’m going out with friends» and «I’m going out with his high school friends Aslan and Ruslan». Friend should understand that you care for her. In a sense, a small percentage of jealousy stirs up the relationship, because if you all spit at each other, then why bother to live together? However, in an open relationship — relationship.

8 the Inability or unwillingness to work with your hands If you can’t fix the time machine, what a man are you?

– the problem of men-the time traveler –There is a set of application qualities that every man should own. Do not have to be a master of all trades, but the inability to use the limbs to forgive is that Hawking — his brain is more important than your fingers will. And when she realizes that her husband can not do anything to fix it, and every time you have to invite another man to do something, then do not cry in that moment, when a friend patience.

9 Emotional swings They apologize to the girls because of hormones, monthly and blah, blah, blah. But if the girlfriend discovers that her boyfriend writhing in agony, uttering all the holes oceans of tears, she is not to be envied. Even worse, when a grown man allows anger to master reason. Emotional instability can seriously spoil the impression of a friend about you, you can simply lose respect. So if you have a problem, get well and learn to keep emotions in check. Time to cry and to be angry has passed.

10 Detachment

Every one of us have very bad days when I get home from work and just fall into the chair to get rid of bad thoughts through the book, computer game or movie. But you have to remember that in your apartment there lives the girl who waited — she wants to spend time with you and not with the body, which stared at the monitor. Otherwise what’s the point to wait for you if you’re still outside the house, even though your body is it?

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