What are you doing wrong, buying a new car

How much do you earn? What’s your apartment? And by the way, are you married? However, it doesn’t really matter — the people who answer these questions differently, performed, as a rule, the same mistakes when buying a car. As it turned out, the physical parameters of the car magic brand play an even greater role than common sense and normal calculation. These are the problems that should pay attention for the next purchase.

Waste of money on unnecessary functions


Before embarking on the purchase of a car, think about the options that are really going to use. Why do you powerful that it cuts through the air and causes the Ahi and sighs, productive «iron horse», if almost all the time you’re standing in traffic? Or explain the meaning of the acquisition of a sports car, if you need a workhorse with a roomy trunk?

The manufacturer to profitably sell more of additional options, which increase its profit. But even additional corrosion protection is not needed — in the car, and so have anti-corrosion treatment. It’s all overpayments. The machine should be first and foremost reliable, affordable and not to destroy its owner.

You spend money, not counting resale

Think you’re too young to buy a car once and on all life. So you probably face the problem the purpose of resale to his carriage, and here you need to consider a number of nuances.

For example, the color of the car, which says a lot about the owner. It is possible to be passionate about the color orange and think that it brings you good luck, but how in the world people who also like this color? Not so much. It turns out that the car is loose dead weight and does not allow herself to let go. About things you need to think about when buying.

Want a good car — do not save

Human nature always is, was and will be the desire to save money. And such declarations as «credit 0%,» very strongly stimulate the wrong decision. It’s all hateful bait advertising, and it is better to accept that if you take a full car not for one day, then be prepared to fork out, otherwise nothing.

The contents of the car should not hit the pocket

Most of us when buying a car, inspired by its market value, losing sight of the costs associated with maintenance, insurance and other problems with the car. And these costs have unpleasant feature — the year they grow. So it is not enough only to buy a car, it is important also be able to keep it.

The numbers are different everywhere, depending on vehicle class. The higher, the more expensive. But if the iron horse is bought on credit, the situation becomes very bleak.

Can’t trust employees

It is not necessary so to trust the employees, dealers and insurance agents. So, they’re running like a wounded antelope, in search of a car that fits your sensations, but their main task is to get as much money as possible due to the inexperience of the buyer. Sometimes they even inflate the cost of services, especially when it comes to insurers. Therefore, carefully studied the price list of the insurance company.

Every car needs diagnostics


Particularly acute problem when buying a used car. Even in the salons of the machines are not pre-training. Perfect appearance does not guarantee the absence of catch. For example, there are cases when buyers try to sell well thawed subordinates and patched «recessed».

Bad Drover

But much worse are the contacts with the unfamiliar Drover. Because there are no guarantees that you will not leave. Deposit when ordering a car is 100% of its value, and then working Drover. And it’s not clear what he’ll bring: actively operated a taxi with «twisted» counter, a stolen car or another «shifter». Sometimes the driver negotiates with the owner, and the theft report is served only after the sale of cars in Russia. Information comes in the Interpol, and you are left without a car and without money. So it is better to moderate risks.

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