What are you afraid woody Allen, Pamela Anderson and other celebrities

Billy Bob Thornton is afraid of Antiques

«Perhaps this is due to an event of my past life when I was beaten almost to death the old chair,» Thornton once said. «I’m not kidding. I can’t eat if I was surrounded by antique furniture». It seems that Billy Would. doesn’t take too many visits to his great Aunt Edna.

Oprah Winfrey is afraid of chewing gum

Fear Oprah Winfrey in front of a Gumball so big that it denies to go with her in the house, which starred her show. She reached that throws a plate on which the guest left gum.

Pamela Anderson is afraid of mirrors

Oh, the irony. While the former star of «Baywatch» not afraid to be on the Board of Directors of Playboy (11 times), she’s afraid of his own reflection. Not only that, she looks at herself in the mirror, she also refuses to watch himself on TV.

Orlando bloom is afraid of pigs

Yes, that’s right. When on the set of the film «Kingdom of heaven» this little piggy got loose, bloom allegedly ran away as fast as I could.

Kyra Sedgwick is afraid of says food

According to her husband Kevin Bacon, Sedgwick believes that talking food is awful. Her phobia is so strong that as soon as she sees a commercial with talking food, he has to flee the room.

Looks like Sedgwick nobody will be invited to the scoring of the role of the wife of Larry the cucumber from the new film «Natural history.»

Tyra banks is afraid of dolphins

«I was afraid of them since I was 8 or 9 years old, when she told People magazine. — I had nightmares that I’m in the pool, and I beat the dolphins. I was very frightened».

Alfred Hitchcock was afraid of eggs

Strange phobia for a man who made a career out of films where there are more terrible things than eggs. And yet in the same interview he admitted: «I’m afraid of eggs, this white round thing without any holes… There is nothing more revolting than an egg yolk, spilling their yellow liquid through the broken shell.»

Nicole Kidman is afraid of butterflies

The actress says that is not afraid of snakes and spiders, but as a kid, she climbed over the fence, instead of entering a gate, where it is often circled by a butterfly.

Matthew McConaughey is afraid of revolving doors

The actor admitted that he experiences anxiety, even when located next to a revolving door (we suggest he is still afraid of glass doors). In addition, he feels a nervous shiver at the sight of tunnels.

Andy Roddick is afraid of rabbits

They irritate him so much that during the Easter brunch at the St Regis he was scared of the Easter Bunny. Roddick has reached the point that asked to be dressed by a rabbit kept as far away from him.

Keanu Reeves is afraid of the dark

Keanu Reeves is afraid of the dark, but a «real philosophical way.»

Wait, what?

Puff daddy is afraid of toes

When the actor appeared on the show «Tonight» with Kate beckinsale, he refused to look at her feet, fearing that by chance notice the fingers on her feet. When asked why, he replied: «I am really afraid, when the second toe is longer than big.»

Adele is afraid of seagulls

In 2008, the singer admitted that she is afraid of seagulls. It all started when she was 9 years old. «I was returning from a walk, when this huge ugly Seagull fell and struck me.»

Cameron Diaz is afraid of door handles

She probably refuses to touch them. Fortunately it is quite known the real thing, and probably she has a personal doorman.

Megan Fox is afraid of dry paper

«I just can’t stand it. Scripts, Newspapers and any uncoated paper — I can’t touch it with your hands!» Fortunately, most of the movies, starring Megan Fox, not require reading the script, she just has to look at the camera and wearing a minimum of clothing.

Kylie Minogue is afraid of coat hangers

The Australian pop star admitted: «I Have a fear of coat hangers. I don’t like how they sound when you put them in the closet». Because of this, all of her clothes instead of hanging quietly in the closet, lies in different places in the room.

Christina Ricci is afraid of indoor plants

«They’re dirty,’ said Richie. — I don’t recognize the fact that plants can be indoor. It just scares me.»

Woody Allen is afraid of everything

manygoodtips.com, 28.06.2013, G1dnAuQKZsvtbEST2un37ZeaYiXgaLn5

Elevators, insects, bright colors, heights, sunshine, children, dogs… Oh, and he is also afraid of peanut butter — that it can stick to the throat.

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