What are the lonely guys?

Some people like to believe that they are free. Freedom — lack of commitment and other nonsense that restricts you and gives you somewhere to go. But sometimes you suddenly realize that you are no longer free, and just lonely. Lonely for a long time quail can be divided into several types.

1. Womanizer


This dude is a real favorite of women. He is well-groomed, handsome, well-dressed, attractive and knows how to approach any lady, so much so that she didn’t reject. As such deny? Friendship with such bro — fun and interesting hobby. Observe how he deftly gets another beauty, and prosipat to myself something like «That son of a bitch!» here’s his fine work. When he is young, full of energy, it is a pleasure to watch. He is always the first, he was always on horseback, but the problem is that it will not always. If a womanizer is not aware of its essence and the need to get off the train when it is enough, he will remain on horseback. Some womanizer his entire youth was walking the way I wish everyone, then they calmed down, took his wife for a nice girl suitable for marriage, and carefully ran to the side.

Bad scenario womanizer also exists. He is that dude realized that he came to the substandard. Not everyone likes people who are trying to young, most girls call them old farts. There’s nothing worse than a lonely womanizer who still doesn’t understand that he is already substandard. The potency is not the same, the body is not what you’re doing, man?

2. Repulsive


If the affair tiptoe flock, like moths to a light bulb, then this guy run like he plague. This dude has something that makes it an absolute freak in the eyes of those who are looking for a mate. It can be as obvious problems in appearance (a large number of pimples, big ugly nose, too much growth or too little), and psychological issues: isolation, inability to communicate or lack of a sense of humor. Such problems are many, just imagine a nasty person, and it will be the hero of our points. These people — the ocean of despondency. With them somehow reluctant to hang out all conversations with them are that girls is not normal that he feel bad and he’ll probably die from spermatoksikoz. But these guys there’s always hope to catch the same desperate man like themselves.

3. Dumb divorced


Nobody likes this guy. After all, he is just awful! He just recently got divorced after a marriage that was over ten years. This bro in the shower don’t understand how you can live differently, all questions of economy and convenience for his wife decided, so he did not know how to turn on the washing machine, how to cook, and never cleans his house. This man will always seek the company of those who are much younger than him. He does not understand that looks in his youthful attempt to become pathetic, terminally pathetic! The life of this guy sad because he’s so used to living with someone. Eventually he calms down, leave young people out of the office or somewhere alone and start looking for their next soul mate on Dating sites or in the «Classmates». If not, all will be very sad.

4. Outsider


Actually, it’s not rude, not rude. It’s just the person who decided, albeit temporarily, to drop out of the race. Maybe he had a long romance or marriage, and maybe he was not in principle. He just tired of it all sick of relationships. Or is he a loner in life, or so he thinks. In any case, now this person prefers not to look for the girl, and just concentrate on work, school, any Hobbies. He likes it and he doesn’t want to change anything, as I am sure that the advent of his life human female can spoil the idyll, which he is now going on. Maybe will come good day, and the loneliness of this guy is going to end, but not yet arrived. Sad story.

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