What are the causes of women’s aversion

what disgusts women

Women are easy to please, if you have a sense of humor and a nice smile, but also easy to cause disgust, if you have unpleasant traits or habits. There are a few flaws easy to fix by simply paying more attention to hygiene. Others, on the contrary, it is necessary to change from the heart, practicing every day. Practice will make you perfect, but at least thanks to her you’ll become at least tolerable. Of course, if you don’t get real pleasure from the loneliness and lack of a couple.

1. Oily hair

Girne hair

Women don’t care if you’re a fan of the grunge that you poured on the hair for a tube of gel or whatever — the important thing is that your hair is oily, it’s disgusting. Of course, some girlfriends don’t especially picky in Dating, but even they will remember you as «the guy who forgot to wash his head.» She will forget your personality, but dirty hair will remain in the memory for a long time. She will remember that sick feeling when she held your sticky hair with your fingers, and as hastily threw it into the machine pillowcase after you left.

2. The stench


No matter where it’s coming from the mouth, armpits, panties, odor of any sort will disgust all her friends. An unpleasant smell can not only your body but also your clothes and even in your homes. This is especially bad if a bad smell in your car: a woman will think not only that you’re a Kook, but what you carry in the trunk dead.

3. The behavior of Casanova

the behavior of Casanova

Even if you’re hot, like Cayenne pepper, when your behavior shows that you know about it, you can say goodbye to their chances. Women usually prefer more mundane and ordinary folks. They don’t want to hear about dozens of women, whom you put to bed, the hundreds of broken hearts you and that waitress probably wants you.

4. The hatred of animals

cruelty to animals

Do not Lisp with every puppy I see on the street, just treat the animals with love. Guys who hate animals probably hate men too, and the woman didn’t want to be a hater. Cruelty to animals is still the same and warning sign that you can kill a man, one of the three. Other two is the propensity for arson and bed wetting, which should also be avoided on the first date, if you don’t want the woman screaming ran away from you.

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