What are girls in sex


While we try in every way to pleasure woman in sex, it seems that women are not much concerned, to be like to try in bed. Many of them think that it is enough for them to strip naked and we’ll have a good time.

Because we often appreciate women and how they look, it would be nice to appreciate their efforts in sex. And if we missed something, you can always add your points in the comments.

1. And that tries too much (aka Trouble)


This girl has the potential to become the Pornstar (#5), but she needs to watch more porn. She tries so hard to be memorable in sex, but it is messy and doing things that you are distracted from sex, thinking, «What the hell is she doing?» So friend wait for the mutilation of genitalia, breaks condoms, and she will give you a genuinely bad sexual experience.

Girls who fall into this category, and the inexperienced believe that the member is made of rubber, which has no pain receptors. Drunk girls fall into this category, and this is one reason to avoid sex with drunk women.

2. The one that’s scared (aka the Virgin)


This girl may not necessarily be a virgin, but she can play this role many years after first and subsequent sexual experiences. She will look at you with fear in his eyes, as if she has no idea about what’s going to happen.

She gently pushes you, if not ready for the occasion, and when it does occur, it continues to act as the first time. Usually she sits in awkward poses that make you surrender and accept the missionary position. This girl will empty your nuts, but she’ll leave you with some degree of frustration and/or guilt.

3. And that doesn’t move (aka the starfish or the Doll)


This girl doesn’t know what to do, or just doesn’t like to do anything. It’s not as sad as it may seem, in any case, it does not preclude the loving caresses and the act. Maybe she’ll even get one, two or more orgasms just because she allows her husband to do his business.

While a Doll can satisfy the needs of many men, those who have sex more than a few times per year probably would like to see something more.

This type of woman is certainly the most common, at least in the age group of 25 years. They really believe that all women should do in bed is to undress and say SO.

4. The one that does something (aka the Girlfriend)


This girl was at least a few serious relationships, and she realized that the man wants a bit more than starfish. She can be quite experienced in the art of love, but it is believed that enough little additions to starfish to make a man happy.

Any girl can become such, if it is long enough in the relationship and if her man asks her about it.

5. The one who knows (aka the Pornstar)


This girl knows what she’s doing. Maybe she watched a lot of porn, it was a lot of sexual experience, anyway, this girl was born to have sex, and she knows how to do it. If you manage to catch this — you’re lucky.

While you may have to constantly be feeling that she’s either cheating on you, or in her past are something you would not want to know this girl will blow your mind.

Note: With age comes experience. As a rule, women under 25 have no idea about what they want in sex, not to mention what to do. Women older than 25 have a good idea of what they want, and begin to make efforts to find partners. Only after 30 do most women become sexually free and able to provide you with high quality sex. Of course, there are exceptions, but generally this is true. Finally, if we were on this scale purely by age, with the EXCEPTION of all exceptions, it will look like this:

Under 25: the Disaster, the virgin, the Doll — very rare chance to find Porn.

Over 25: a Doll, a Girl is sometimes found Porn.

30: the Girlfriend, the porn star — your wife may already be a porn star.

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