What and where to study for free on the Internet

What and where to study for free on the Internet

manygoodtips.com_13.08.2015_6oQpJS3IFvwamThere is no limit to perfection, and perfection for free the more. Generally, in any case the main thing – the desire and patience, and in the case of the prefix «free» – double desire and patience. That is, in fact, a set of free sites-tutorials for those who aspire to self-improvement. We hope that you will draw from this list anything useful.

HubSpot Academy

Educational resource for those who want to achieve success in business and marketing. Basically the website is an anomaly. Teaches management of funds and resources for free. Although only, perhaps, in the fact that the site is entirely in English. Yet there is a choice of language, but in the end you’ll get «Russian» in the style of Google translite.

Khan Academy

It is a kind of open University. Here you can learn what you gravitate to, be it science or art. Great to refresh your memory or learn something new.


Probably the most famous and popular site with all sorts of videoresource. He collected not only the sea, stupid mindless video, but also instructive from the usual hacking and to full professional tutorials.


Website for learning programming and web design. Here it is possible to focus on working with one specific program, or to learn the whole world of programming.

Code Avengers

No, this is not taught how to be part of the American superheroes. Max how to create them in electronic version. Here you can learn HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Is also English, but soon the Russian version.

Code School

Actually, all these programs – a combo. Learning them will make you a genius and iron will give the right to teach visitors. The program temporarily has no Russian equivalent, but problems does not cause.


Quite an interesting resource for those who want to improve the skills of a foreign language. Communicate with native speakers in a «you help me, and I’ll help you» and increase your knowledge.


This website is called the joy of the Soviet student, and all because everyone in his time dreaming about pen-friend from the other end of the planet. Dreams become a reality. Find a companion for the taste, so to speak, and grind your foreign.


Guitar gathering dust in the corner, and every weekend the neighbors are asleep under bard songs? Then you here. Even the kettle in a short time will be the life of the party with this obuchalkah guitar.


A good resource with accessible and understandable to every photo and video tutorials for photography training. And even if you are a happy owner of the soapbox, don’t worry. All of the pros start small.


Interesting site to learn to work with photoshop. Allows to master the program from scratch, or just discover something new to work with her. In any case, at least funny collages do learn. Despite the fact that the site is fully done in English, it is fairly simple.


A great website for training design, home interiors and computer graphics. A great slogan for this site it would be: «feel the place where you live, and after – Bud.»


Another busy resource, where you will learn to handle money. Also better to combine with any business training.


If you’re bored at your leisure, become a hacker. There they will learn how, with sufficient detail and clear. And why not?

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