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manygoodtips.com_26.05.2015_epfx1aVzOP08oGo on his metaphorical Bicycle on the road called «Life», and suddenly fall, and figuratively shasivari his eyebrows, hands and knees. And to go anywhere not going. What happened? Not lost control? No, the good people gave you a stick in the wheel called «someone else’s opinion». And we have already touched on this issue and wrote that the need to suck someone else’s opinion, but to the editor manygoodtips.com regularly receive many questions from dudes that are heavily dependent on the opinions of others and ask our advice. Therefore, we cannot ignore this problem and again try to help all our dedicated readers.

«Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.»

Steve Jobs.Why I took it to the bike? So just remembered a story from my childhood. When I first tried to «ride» around stood a crowd of relatives and friends who retail criticized me, saying that I was doing everything wrong and trying to bring his only correct technique. Then I gave up trying and learned to ride himself, without their wonderful assistance.

Why this pointless story? To the fact that, as a rule, from the thoughts of one injury. Someone else thought that kills, prevents a person to develop and live a full life. But for some doubting it as the dose, without which they cannot make a single independent step. This is the saddest thing.

Public opinion in General has done a lot of harm. On the one hand, it controls the society, and on the other spoils people’s lives. What can I say, when fools strive to give birth to 25, because «people will not think, and all my friends are already married.» Like the 21st century way of life has changed, but public opinion is with pleasure pulls society down. To not care about medicine and what in Europe getting married to 30 years. To of 26 had triplets!!! And then my mother’s friends laugh at him!

Each counselor has their own motives. Maybe the individual is simply envy you and advises hurtful things? And someone asserts itself, creates the image of a seasoned and experienced wolves, although in reality it is a simple suicidal virgin. But publicly zagnobili – and all think that the person really knows what he’s talking about. In human life there is nothing but his opinion.

Of course, one cannot completely reject all the advice. And suddenly the people were nice, and criticism is it adequate? And loved ones you should always listen. Close, in theory, will not betray. But if the idea consists of offensive arguments and attempts to prove himself, to hell it! Without hesitation.

Because first of all you need to do with other people’s opinions? That’s right, send him straight to zadneprov adviser. With most «authoritative opinions» the right thing to do. Every second considers himself «an expert in the global and not the issues», as well as the culture and education they didn’t have any, all these instructions sound pretty rough. And listen to insults and ridicule by unknown idiots – harmful. Well, if your insecure mind has become hostage to this addiction, here’s five, and one way to get rid of it.

«Hell, put on the opinions of others, provides a long, happy life.»

F. Ranevskaya.


Most important: stop trying to invent problems. If your every action is accompanied by an alarming scream inside my head: «what will others think?» prospects you have in this life is absolutely no. This question could put the person who works on the thought. And you’re still not «navel of the Earth», and most do not care what you do there. Well, if so can’t wait to see what do you say around, do it! Preferably something unusual to sincerely embarrassed by what he saw.


As soon as you start carefully, «under a magnifying glass» to examine the problem, understand that it is not worth a jigger. My God, you only live once, if you’re not a Buddhist. It is silly to allow your thoughts to ruin your life.

It helps in a situation when, apparently, need advice. Don’t know whether to marry flown from you young lady or not? Put all the pros and cons, ask yourself if you’re ready. Why do you need someone else’s opinion?


There is a concept in the English language – «guilty pleasure», which translates as «guilty pleasure». There is an involuntary issue and why is it you accuse that brings you pleasure? Sounds ambiguous, but I don’t mean drugs and other «forbidden fruits».

Well, you loved to wear long hair, like Ozzy Osbourne, while all went cropped. Well, laughed at you, so what? Here’s the «flower children», «sexual revolution» – and every second is a mullet a La Robin Williams from «Jumanji».

If someone else’s opinion prevent you to be yourself, then be prepared for constant depression, deeply unhappy life and daily thoughts of suicide. People change their opinions, and it is best to remember recent events. All will not care, and that they think you’re a freak at the moment, may not have any value in the future. However, if the belief you were abused, that is another issue you need to or to defend them to the last drop of blood, or to get away.

In the end, Scientology is also considered a vile cultists until until joined Tom cruise. Although they are still so called. And wear colorful socks hesitated a lot until they started to flaunt the celebrity.


Be self-confident. The artist Modigliani was terribly proud of his paintings in the Nude, though some laughed at him: «are You making love with the oval?» And he continued to write, believing that it will magnify it. And if enough of early death, it may be, and lived up to this point. And what was the result? But in the end to buy a Modigliani, you need to sell your family.

But Franz Kafka is very shy of his works and not even tried to publish them. And what is the result? So any dog ever in my life heard the name of Czech is an amazing writer! While Kafka died in poverty and loneliness.

Just believe in yourself! Sounds proverbial, but there’s no other way. And while you suffer the taunts of haters, your neighbor-roleplayer proudly around the city in elven armor, looking down on the jokers and the old attendants at the entrance, who consider him an addict. In fact, he just remembers victims to carve them its not really a prop blade.


Even if you’re a one-eyed hunchback without nostrils, then accept yourself for who you are. Then life will become easier. If you have growth «meter with the hat», be glad you are not 2 meters. Know how uncomfortable this is? What would be a usual growth, you would be no different from the others, so at least there is a highlight.

Here Stallone, for example, did not hesitate his curve of the muzzle, their creepy tongues, their ignorance and went to storm Hollywood. Turned out not once, had many years to live in poverty and even sell the jewels of his wife who left him, but now who don’t know this your Movie?

Nonsense, says confidently, is called «personal opinion».


Try it at least once in dispute to assert its point of view, without descending to insults. Even if you doubt, even if you don’t believe in what they say, even if you run out of arguments, just stand your ground. This will give you confidence in their own abilities. If a draw is a victory. If the opponent started to say something about so-and-so’s mother is also a victory.

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