What about camping in the rain

Porada.kom.ua_18.08.2014_2y2JkV7EYsr4vSlowly but surely approaching autumn. At least in our city, and more than 40 degrees, but we still know that autumn will come soon and finally dissolve this faint feeling of happiness. You’ll understand why we had to rejoice, when the first day of the following month will see their loved ones, yesterday to calm the streets, crowds of small monsters with a bow on her head and oversized backpacks.

More than sure that you probably want to get in the woods or somewhere far away to not disturb your regular life.

But here’s the thing. Autumn is famous for its rains, which will not hide under the branches of trees. Relax. Of course we’ll help you with good advice. Or rather some helpful tips that will keep your guests in the autumn forest.

1. Node


If you came into the forest and suddenly realized that soon you’re gonna get the rain, it’s time to secure your dining area. You have to pull the tarp. But first you need to tie a rope around a tree trunk. We suggest to mount the rope in using a bowline knot.

Do not hang the tarp too low, otherwise you leave yourself and your company without the light.

2. Convenient device


Don’t need to use the holes in the tarpaulin, as the fastening for the rope. Better grab a tennis ball and wrap it in a tarp. Do as shown in the photo. This method is more reliable.

3. Dryer


If you have a long rope, then stretch it diagonally under a tarp and tie its end to the other tennis ball. Due to this, your tarp will not SAG and you will be able to use this device for drying lightweight clothes.

4. Purity


Bring a small rug. It doesn’t take up much space, but will definitely help you. His bed before the tent, to not drag in unnecessary dirt.

Now that your camp has a roof, rain on your holiday, not a hindrance.

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