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That can be a good gift for the woman he loved? Consider the different options. Everything that concerns the everyday life: frying pans and mixers – just by. Thought about gold, but I may be wrong, suddenly you do not like or will not do. Origami with their hands, too, is not suitable as well as horse ride for two.


To begin with – Hello! Not sure thought if you can see the article on this subject on our website, but we wrote about how to make a gift to the girl. You seem so cool, don’t even bother on this. It seems that your girlfriend will not need the gifts that would have pleased any other.

Well, nothing, and I’ll find suitable advice. Do not leave in trouble, although sometimes this shake will not interfere. You must have had to shovel all of the sites where the women give advice to men on what to give their beloved.

Most likely, there you see a list of the type of: kitchen appliance, cosmetics, a romantic dinner prepared by their own hands, flowers, more flowers, and other commonplace. Not all will advise you to improve oral sex technique and make a great night.

Of course, we’re not sending you to increase the member and to train language, but you can at least read about how to make the friend amazing night that she will remember for a long time. If your girlfriend passionately moans in bed, maybe not for fun? In any case, there is no limit to perfection: we need to constantly develop and search for new chips.

So, one sex your friend will be enough. Girls love gifts not only to feel but also to be monitored regularly. I’m not talking about home video, of course, but… No. I’m definitely not about him. Will begin to sell – she will resist, then you fight, and you’ll share a freshly cooked dinner.

By the way, the option of a good dinner. Only if you’re not clumsily to submit their curves and raw patties. Order takeaway or elevates her to a fancy restaurant that you can’t afford it and she wanted to get. Corny, but women love to eat no less than men.

Make sex a haircut. So, decorate your eggs, they’re not exactly Shine with beauty. Go to the window of her house in a luxury car decorated with a red bow. Sit on the front leather seat, his bare ass, an annoying member of a bouquet of flowers. And when she look out the window, put the plants, show lost a good part of the vegetation of the eggs, which will be written: «Lena, I love you!» no matter what your friend’s name is Jeanne. In any case, she would have sent you in the ass with such a gift.

But the idea is good. Just needs some work. You don’t want to hear anything about the pans and gold? Give her a great car. Clearly you’re not a homeless-looking student, gathered with my scholarship of 100 rubles to make a favorite collage of photos that present her anniversary in a beautiful frame.

Don’t want to give nice and pleasant, so play hard to get. No, actually I don’t know anything about your friend, but not more than confident that she has repeatedly mentioned that he wants to receive as a gift, and you, as always, did not pay attention to it. You need to understand that even if you give a pass to the pool (my friend would have appreciated it), you still have to present what she can touch and see right here and now.

Even if it is expensive-a trip for two, you still have to prepare for a friend some small, and maybe a big surprise. Don’t need to give stars in the sky, although it is now possible, and this business is even actively thriving. But you do realize that this is nonsense?

What to give?.. Well, look, many girls like «to do.» Finds them periodically some of the creative wave when you start to draw all sorts of crap in Notepad, wax crayons, to embroider, to do mass gifts for the holidays. So, if your friend does this kind of, you can buy her art materials.

Hell, I think that just everybody loves office supply stores. Let alone a girl I can hang out in them for hours. I am sure that your friend is no exception. Buy an easel with paints or wax crayons (not important, she is able to draw or not), soap-making, scrapbooking and other heresies.

It is a pity that Halloween is today, so you could justifiably give the costume Catwoman, or Wonder Woman, or other women there. It is not necessary that the gift brought pleasure only to the girl, it should be pleasant to you. It may not be a superhero costume, even just a very high quality, expensive and glamorous lingerie with stockings, garters and other things. Friend just have to like if you have a close relationship.

Don’t forget this memorable day to do whatever she wanted. Here nobody would call a heel. After the holiday, after all. Pick up the cake that she loves so much, put on the sweater that she gave you, appear at her eyes with a smile, download the film with her favorite actor or take her to the cinema (it’s not a gift, but just creating atmosphere), buy her favorite champagne or any other kind of alcohol.

In short, give her a holiday! In recent times girls often say that guys no longer has the romance that we used to come on gotovenkoe, supposedly we only want sex and blah-blah-blah. So, prove to her that sex with her is really great, but you’re not the only reason, right?

It’s not as difficult as you think. Such simple desire to have each girl, just not everybody talks about it, and someone just cold bitches. Don’t know what you expected me to say, but take what is already written. Each friend needs its own approach, but in some ways they are similar. This loophole can be used out of despair, but it is better to pick up something for his girlfriend.

By the way, don’t be afraid to ask her what she wants, maybe there’s a particular desirable thing. Not all girls make it a secret. A soberly realize what the best gift would be expected, than whatever crap you bought.

In General, it was said quite a lot, now try to understand and run faster for a gift for his girlfriend.

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